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Your house is your sanctuary–you sleep there, you eat there, you entertain there and you relax there. However, homes always have secrets about them, you just don’t find out straight away. It’s not until you decide to retile the kitchen floor that you discover a hatch leading into a basement. It’s not until you climb up into the attic for the first time that you find an old box of belongings from previous owners of the house. A lot of the time, things you find that have been left behind are completely normal, but every now and then someone finds something a little strange in the house they thought they knew so well.

A clown costume


En 1990, l’effrayant clown de Ça, de Stephen King. Photo SR

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A family found a suitcase containing a clown costume, balloons and an very expired can of Bud Light in the basement of their home.

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