If you are planning on investing in Turkey then you need to read this post. This is because there are a lot of business opportunities in Turkey. Out of hundreds of business opportunities in Turkey we have discussed the most popular ones. You can check out the different business sectors in Turkey after getting the turkey tourist visa for Indians. On your trip you can check out the different sectors that we have discussed below.

Construction and Real Estate

One of the most profitable businesses in Turkey is the construction business. Not only is the construction and real estate sector blooming in Turkey but almost in every part of the world. If you have experience in the construction sector then you need to apply for the Turkish visa for Indians and check out whether you can invest and get good returns. Here you should know that the most profitable place to invest in is Istanbul!

Information Technology

The IT sector is also one of the industries which are blooming across the globe. You must know if you have experience, skills and investment then you must put your stakes in this industry. You can get major returns on investment if you plan business in this sector. You can see advancement in the IT sector in Turkey by simply checking their e visa system. Today you can easily get the Turkey e visa for Indian within minutes from the digital portals. Turkey tourist visa for Indians can also be obtained via online application.

Tourism Sector

Tourism sector is another industry where you can put your bucks and get good returns. You must know that to get the tourist turkey visa for Indian passport you need to make sure that you have a clear record. After getting the turkey tourist visa for Indian you can easily check out the tourism opportunities and plan your business accordingly. You can open up new hotels, restaurants and cafes if you have good experience.

Textile Industry

Now the textile industry in the Asian countries is blooming and you can see the top tycoons in this region are textile lords. If you also have experience in the textile sector and want to invest your money in Turkey then you can try your luck in this industry. You can get a lot of local returns in the country. To check the opportunity in the textile sector you need to first get the turkey tourist visa for Indian and visit the local market. Today, getting a visit visa for Turkey for Indians is very easy!

Agriculture (hazelnut farming)

You can also invest in the agriculture sector if you have the Turkish visa for Indian citizens for business. You can get land on lease and start hazelnut production. You would be surprised to know that turkey produces more than 80% of the world’s total Hazelnuts. So there is no doubt a lot of opportunity in this sector if you start exports.

These are some of the best businesses in Turkey that we would suggest you to invest in. You can get the Turkey tourist visa for Indians and check out other local businesses as well. Invest in the industry which appeals to you the most!