Moving to British Columbia is a choice that more people are making as they realize everything this area offers. Not only does it house amazing vacation destinations, but it’s also home to a few of the most dynamic industries in the country.

So whether you’re considering moving here or just want to learn more about it, this is everything you need to know before moving to British Columbia.

Close Access to the Film Industry

Although this is something many people overlook, if you’re interested in any part of the film industry, moving to the Vancouver area brings you up close and personal with it.

From the amazing film festivals that seem to happen every month to the amazing job selection and proximity to the stars, you can learn a lot about this industry just by living in the city. There are also multiple film and cinema-based schools that give you the chance to hone your skills and knowledge and prepare for a career in the area.

Fantastic Views All-Around

When you’re living in Vancouver, you have the opportunity to be surrounded by gorgeous views. This may mean getting to see the oceanside while you walk to dinner in Victoria or looking at the mountains as you walk on the waterside in Vancouver.

Still, every view as you live your ordinary life will be extraordinary. There are plenty of beautiful sceneries that make cities more interesting and lots of incredible architecture that ensures that nature isn’t the only thing that’s being impressive.

The Booming Tech Industry

Vancouver isn’t just about film! Another reason why Vancouver homes for sale are the most expensive in the country is because of the active and amazing tech industry that calls this city home.

Plenty of startups and big names in tech either started here or call Vancouver their home base. This allows for a large assortment of jobs and many awesome perks from living in the area, like trying out technology sooner than most can.

Creative and Gorgeous Artistic Cities

If technology isn’t your jam, and you want something more unique and interesting, consider Victoria instead. This artistic and interesting smaller town has a population of just 80,000– but everyone in those numbers gets to contribute to the lively and beautiful atmosphere of the city.

Not only is this area incredibly dense with artists, but it’s also open to all forms of expression and creation and offers plenty of workshops and galleries so that you can learn and show off your skills.

Incredible Vacation Destinations

While living here, many people don’t want to go far for vacation: and you don’t have to! British Columbia is full of amazing vacation destinations that people travel from all over the world to visit.

Cities like Whistler, one of the top skiing and snowboarding areas in the country, and Great Bear Rainforest, home to the incredibly rare all-white bear, allow locals to feel like tourists as they explore these unique towns. This also ensures that people can take more vacations since a weekend away is so much more affordable than flying out of the province for a week to vacation.