A true traveler lives out of a suitcase and travels from point A to point B on a map. But, on the other hand, almost every adventure requires a haven—a home or apartment where they can return at any time. And rest after a long journey.

What can you do to make that location truly one-of-a-kind? First, you need to incorporate the memories of your travels directly into the interior design. So, it can make you feel like you’re walking into a globetrotter’s home the moment you walk in the door.

Here is the list of ideas for a fantastic travel-themed living room so that everyone can find something that they love!

A View Out Of This World


A breathtaking 3D mural for the living room is a great way to incorporate a dominant motif into your interior design. Consider all of the beautiful places you’ve seen worldwide and pick the one that left the biggest impression on you.

In your living room or bedroom, you want that view. It’s a fantastic way to jog your memory of events. The image will bring back memories of that particular adventure every time you look at it.

A Map Of Your Travels


It’s always a good idea to have a map with you when you’re traveling. People traveled with paper maps, which would often become damaged. And they record their travels after being folded and unfolded countless times.

Most people mainly use digital maps stored on their smartphones these days. Nonetheless, how about a large-scale world map to hang on your room’s wall? Instead of a standard physical or political map, you can now customize your design to fit your personality and character.

Choose a representation of a map if you enjoy old-fashioned aesthetics and everything retro. There are different colors in this wall art, and there are beautiful drawings within the outlines of the continents.

If you want to show off your artistic side, consider a design that looks like a modern painting. And with splatters of colorful paint representing land.

A World Within Your Reach


A map is an object that is most commonly associated with travel. However, the globe, its three-dimensional cousin, should not be overlooked.

Globes are an integral part of every geography classroom so that the concept may bring back memories of your school days. This version of the globe, on the other hand, has an entirely different feel to it.

A Gallery Of Memories

And what if you’re not a fan of murals or don’t have enough space in your home to display such a large-scale image? Consider making your own Gallery Wall. A decorative composition comprises several different photographs or travel wall art that share a common theme.

You can add images that typically have different formats, framings, and styles, but they create a unified effect when combined. The theme, in this case, would be travel. Consider making a collage that is unique to you.

Shelves Full Of Treasures

When you travel somewhere, you bring back memories and souvenirs, knickknacks, and local crafts. All of these items are deserving of the proper display.

One of two options is available, depending on the overall aesthetic of your home. To begin, you can use metal pipes and aged wood to create industrial-style shelves.

Second, small wooden crates that can be hung on the wall can display souvenirs in elegant, ornate frames. Your artwork will appear to be valuable museum exhibits in this manner!

Typography For A Traveler


Hanging a fashionable and expressive typographic poster on a wall is an attractive decorative idea. Motivating quotes, thought-provoking words of wisdom, or simply funny one-liners can all be found on the posters.

Here are a few suggestions geared toward travelers:

  • Let’s get outdoors!
  • Say ‘yes’ to new adventures
  • There is always more to discover

Travel Itineraries From A To Z

A traveler usually meticulously plans each trip to avoid unnecessary stress. They plan their route, look for lodging, determine the type of luggage they can bring, and calculate the amount of money they’ll need.

The longer the journey, the more planning you’ll need to do, and the list of things to remember can grow quite long. That is why having a sound organizational system in place is a great idea.

For example, you could hang a metal grid (black, gold, or silver) on your wall and use pegs to attach shopping lists. And essential documents to pack, or even your plane tickets, which might otherwise get lost among luggage in a rush. It’s a simple but effective solution that’s also pleasing to the eye.

The Bottom line

Traveling entails more than simply getting from one location to another. It’s a way of life that gives you unforgettable experiences and feelings every day.

And each trip brings new adventures and an endless source of inspiration. It can help you to create an incredible home arrangement that genuinely reflects who you are. Enjoy!