Seizing the attention of the target audience at an imagination stage is one of the most crucial things a brand can achieve. Videos have always been a powerful medium for the tourism industry to display and explain the kind of experience they are offering to their customers.

It is a great opportunity for such brands to build trust, share their brand stories, resonate with the audience, and boost travel bookings. Travels are filled with emotions, memories, and fun. Using video marketing to put a brand message across can fetch profitable results for the brand.

Over 81% of brands use video marketing strategies to boost their conversions and ROI. Around 90% of the brands admit that the pressure of creating creative and appealing video content has added to the level of competition.

Let us understand the role of videos in travel experiences and 10 ways in which it is enhancing the travel experiences of the consumers.

The Relevance Of Video Content In Travel Marketing

  • Over 60% of the travel lovers use tourism videos as a prime factor in their travel decision-making process.
  • Almost 50% of travelers prefer to book a trip right after watching an engaging travel video.
  • The popular travel search site Skyscanner experienced an increase of 59% online traffic. On the other hand, the online travel booking agency, Expedia, experienced a boost of 27% in referral traffic from social media platforms. These stats show the relevance of video content in travel and tourism marketing.

10 Ways Video Marketing is Enhancing Travel Experiences

1. Creative Problem-Solving – Travelling is much more than sightseeing, eating, and shopping. It also involves surviving on a solo adventure trip and looking great at the time. Brands that wish to build its authority in the market can roll out some quick 10-15 minute videos to help such travelers. Some ideas:

  • How to take great visual shots
  • Some quick fashion tips
  • How to survive in a dense forest on a solo trip?
  • How to handle wardrobe malfunction on a travel trip

2. New Ways of Traveling – Travelling culture has evolved over some time. Budget traveling took the lead in the last five years. People who can not afford flight tickets and expensive stays have started exploring new ways to travel. Brands can take advantage of this change and release videos that will help them in:

  • Traveling in their space
  • Different modes to reach the destination
  • Explore different staying options like homestays, hostels, and tents
  • Tips to carry shopping items all around the trip

3. Emotional Responses – Traveling is not always about romantic locations and photography. It is a comprehensive world that encompasses fun, thrill, adventure, entertainment, and lots of food in it. Marketers should consider releasing video content on:

  • Fun places to eat
  • Inventive ways to enjoy a travel tour
  • Organic ways to enjoy local food

4. Gadget Guidance – Traveling is a one-time experience. Consumers want to make the most of this time, and advanced gadgets play a crucial role in this process. Travel and tourism brands can mark their presence by releasing some useful videos that will help travelers with their gadgets. Some tips are:

  • Camera brands for water or mountain adventure
  • Must-have gadgets for a trip
  • Kids-friendly gadgets to carry on a family trip

5. Travel Video Apps – Do you know that video content can drive higher engagement than any other content categories? Studies revealed that over 83% of customers prefer to share videos with their friends and family that entice and interest them.

There are many travel sharing and editing apps available that will enhance the entire traveling experience of consumers. Some of the best free video editing software is easy to use and can give a professional touch to the travel videos. How can a brand mark its presence in the market?

  • By releasing useful videos that can quickly guide travelers about the top 5 or 10 apps
  • Explaining some simple tricks to get the best shots and edits

6. Traveling with Kids – Many people drop their idea of going to a new place owing to their kids. Traveling with kids can create chaos for the parents. Brands that promote family vacations and family time can release useful videos to help such parents. Marketers can take topics like :

  • Packing tips for kids
  • Different ways to keep the kids entertained on a family trip
  • Quick food tips for toddlers, and so on.

7. Travel Recommendation Videos – Over 90% of the brands confirmed that their ROI from influencers is higher than the other modes of marketing. It is the reason why the majority of the brands have started hiring influencers to increase their brand awareness and reach. Travel brands can also release appealing videos that can create value for their customers. These videos can instantly build trust between the traveler and the brand.

8. Showcase Creativity with Safety Videos – Gone are the days when air hostesses used to stand up to demonstrate the airline safety measures to the passengers. Many airline brands have come forward to share high-quality educational videos to explain the airplane safety measures to their customers. It is a smart move to create a long –term relationship with the target audience and keep them hooked to their seats.

9. Storytelling – You see, it is human psychology to learn through the experiences of others. Similar is the story of traveling. Travel and tourism brands can incorporate valuable traveling experience of their customers in their video marketing strategies. Rolling out such videos will create brand loyalty and brand awareness. Some crucial tips:

  • Highlight the brand and maintain the authenticity
  • More focus should be on the traveling experience
  • Share happy pictures of the travelers

10. Timing – The travel marketing guide videos released at the right time will fetch better results for a brand. You see, releasing traveling videos during vacations will be more fruitful than releasing them during odd months. So, the marketers must find a suitable time of the year to roll out interesting, intriguing, and exciting travel videos for their customers.

Bottom Line

These were the top ten ways video marketing can enrich the travel experience of the customers. Marketers must ensure that they do not leave any stone unturned in making the videos fun and exciting. Last but most important, travel brands must ensure that they release mobile-friendly videos for their travelers for maximum consumer coverage.