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In 2021, we’re seeing no slowdown when it comes to the rollout of new technology — and that is especially true of consumer facing mobile apps. If your business has been thinking about investing in a mobile app to broaden its reach and expand its market, it pays to be keenly aware of which app markets continue to grow. If you want to make a splash, you’ll need to not only know your market, but also be aware of what’s changing.

Apps for Wearable Devices

The beauty of wearable technology is accessibility. Smartwatches and smartglasses are light and compact, which make them a spectacular investment if one aims for absolute productivity.

  • More medical and fitness apps – Considering the dynamic pace of today’s healthcare setting, app development for smartwatches and other wearables will concentrate on medical and fitness purposes so that they may track health parameters and support diagnostic processes.
  • Independent Apple Watch apps – Apple announced its recent WatchOS update, allowing Apple Watch apps to finally have their own app store. This also means that the watch will no longer need to be in synced with a phone in order for the app to be functional.
  • AR (Augmented Reality) smartglasses – Apps for these gadgets such as Vuzix will focus on map navigation, mechanical problem solving, and even drone piloting.

Apps for Foldable Devices

Mobile companies such as Samsung and LG have successfully produced smartphones with the iconic folding property. Along with the development, however, also came the challenge of generating apps that would satisfy smart features including the ones below.

  • Multi window functionality – With multiple windows, users can perform multiple tasks at the same time. For example, the calendar app FlexiCal allows users to instantly modify or add plans between two windows – one for the chosen date and the other for the actual plan-making process.
  • Resizable screen – Perfect for video streaming and gaming apps, a larger screen provides more space for an immersive experience, controls and menus, as well as additional information.

Mobile Wallet Apps

As money becomes more digitized, apps are being developed to make the payment experience more convenient and safer than ever. According to mobile app development experts, Guarana Technologies, the importance of digital wallets or e-wallets is currently at an all time peak due to the universal desire for contactless transactions. But the technology goes beyond basic consumer payment.

  • Increase in mobile POS (mPOS) apps – A mobile POS system is an ideal way for standalone businesses such as home repair services or market vendors to take card payments instantly. With the growing usage of credit and debit cards, exponential development of such apps is expected.
  • Biometric identification – Say goodbye to the pin system and hello to the biometric identification system! Fingerprint, retina, and voice-based authentication within digital wallets will further reinforce the security of online payments or transactions.
  • Speaker and sound wave-based payments – According to Statista, 82% of individuals have relied on a voice assistant for information check and about 28% of the users have made direct payments and sent money through smart speakers. The development of this app feature will ensure quicker and safer transactions for consumers.

Undeniably, human reliance on smart devices will continue this year, setting the bar for technological innovation at a higher level. Pressure may be on for app developers.