According to the Associated Press, Trump has talked with his chief of staff Mark Meadows and White House counsel Pat Cipollone about appointing a Special Counsel to investigate Hunter Biden. This is an excellent idea. In fact, on Monday morning of this week, I suggested here on that a special counsel be appointed two days ago.

Of course, there is an alternative suggested by Congressman Ken Buck among others. A special counsel could be appointed. If you want to really get to the bottom of this, which everyone should since there is a possibility that the incoming President of the United States could be compromised by criminal acts that either he or his son have committed under the watchful eye of a foreign government, a special prosecutor seems like the right way to go.

Unfortunately, Bob Barr resigned Monday night and that could complicate things quite a bit because the Attorney General would have to make that call. Barr was not averse to having a spotlight on him or making controversial decisions, so it seemed possible he might go that way. The incoming Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen is probably going to be reluctant to do something that big and controversial right off the bat when he’ll be running things for less than two months.

According to the AP, Trump might consider replacing Rosen or even seeing if he can legally appoint a special prosecutor himself, but both of those options could compromise the investigation in the public’s eyes before it even got started. The same goes for appointing a special prosecutor to look into election irregularities, which the AP also claims that Trump is considering. Trump, being Trump, may still find a way to do it, but without Bob Barr, it will be difficult to do effectively.


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