The Hunter Biden laptop scandal has led to accusations about everything from payoffs for influence over Joe Biden, payouts to Joe Biden, child endangerment, money laundering — the list goes on and on. Which of those charges are valid? The only way to find out is to investigate. Republicans in the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs have been attempting to do that, but have put out a press release saying Hunter Biden’s lawyers refuse to cooperate.

#HunterBiden Senators @ChuckGrassley @SenRonJohnson “Attorneys for Hunter + James Biden have refused to cooperate with the committees. It should be noted that, collectively, President Trump’s family + associates produced documents + agreed to appear at interviews…” @CBSNews

— Catherine Herridge (@CBS_Herridge) December 12, 2020

Senator Ron Johnson discussed the fact that Hunter Biden’s lawyers were refusing to cooperate on Fox.

You can almost write the script for how this is going to play out, right? Joe Biden declares that this whole thing is a witch hunt and his son’s lawyers refuse to cooperate. The mainstream media refuses to investigate and undermines any reporting that comes from conservative outlets. The DOJ buries the whole thing and quietly drops the investigation. It all just goes away and everyone notes how great it is to be the President’s son.

Of course, there is an alternative suggested by Congressman Ken Buck among others. A special counsel could be appointed. Granted, Biden could dismiss the special counsel, but he would be hesitant because that would look terrible and would make most people assume his son was guilty. So, if you want to really get to the bottom of this, which everyone should since there is a possibility that the incoming President of the United States could be compromised by criminal acts that either he or his son have committed under the watchful eye of a foreign government, a special prosecutor seems like the right way to go.


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