Trust is one of the most important factors in any relationship. If you have always struggled with trust and wondering how to be a trust worthy person in relationship, then you have come to the right place.

Today, let’s talk about trust – what does trust means in a relationship? Stay tuned to find out more about being a trustworthy person in a relationship!

How To Be A Trust Worthy Person In Relationship?

So, how to be a trust worthy person in relationship?

Before we answer that, it is vital that you understand what trust means in a relationship – is it just telling your partner your whereabouts, or is it also about not going through their phones? Trust is so much more than honesty – of course, honesty is one of the most talked about pillars of trust.

But honesty alone cannot guarantee trust. There are so many other factors, such as being sensitive to your partner’s feelings, creating a safe space within the relationship for communication, mutual respect, and unwavering loyalty, all contributing to trusting someone.

But what exactly makes a person trustworthy in a relationship? Scroll down to find out more!

1. Honesty:

One of the most recognizable characteristics of cheating women or men is their lack of honesty. Honesty makes up about 40% of the trust factor in any relationship.

If you are always lying to your partner, then you need to do a lot of thinking – is it because your partner has failed to create a safe space for you to communicate? Or is it because you are doing something you know will hurt your partner?

Without honesty, you don’t have any trust – it’s the first thing that helps anyone trust their partners. Plus, a relationship without honesty is not a real relationship anyway.

2. Sensitivity:

Sensitivity is the second most important factor that can help build trust in a romantic relationship. To be a trust worthy person in relationships, you need to be sensitive to your partner’s feelings.

Every human being is different – this is why what you are okay with might also be something your partner is not OK with. While you should never make excuses for your partner’s unrealistic demands, being sensitive to their feelings can be a great factor for boosting trust in your relationship.

To you, it might just be a normal disagreement. But to your partner, it could be something bigger – and no matter what you do later, your partner will still probably think you have zero sensitivity toward their feelings.

3. Communication:

While trust might take weeks or months to develop, communication is something that you can always prioritize.

Since when you keep your channels of communication open, your partner will be aware that they can come and tell you anything that’s bothering them. And that is so much better than not sharing their innermost thoughts with you.

Often, we make the mistake of not communicating – what if they don’t understand? What if it leads to a problem? What if it puts stress on your relationship? In all such cases, it is normal to get demotivated and not share information – but this is where you can fix things while keeping all doors of communication with your partner open.

4. Keep Your Promises:

Often, it becomes next to impossible to keep your promises. That is precisely why you need to make promises that you can keep – what’s the point of promising your partner things that you know you can never give?

For instance, you ended up promising your partner you would spend every Sunday with them.

But then, every other Sunday, you have work – in that case, you will expect your partner to understand your situation.

Now, if only promising something impossible, you could have just been honest in the beginning – that way, your partner would have actually understood your situation and, perhaps, even sympathized with you over the same.

5. Efforts:

Again, every individual is different from the others. That is precisely why it is vital that you understand what your partner needs and vice-versa.

That way, your efforts will be in the right direction, and your partner’s efforts will also be in the right direction. Just because you have dated for a few years does not mean you will start taking your partner for granted.

Under no circumstances can you take your partner for granted – and the first step towards taking anyone for granted starts with not putting in an effort as you did in the beginning. This is precisely why you need to keep your effort game very, very strong!

And That’s A Wrap!

And that’s a wrap on how to be a trust worthy person in relationship. So, what do you think?

Do you think there are other ways to build trust? Have you ever been in such a situation where you were unable to trust your partner or the other way around? Feel free to share your thoughts, past experiences, and stories with us in the comments below.