If you have never come across the Butterfly Art collection that has been created by the artist SN, then you really have been missing out! Prepare to have your mind and eyes blown by the trend that you may not have known about but will definitely need in your life after being visually exposed to it.

Of course, the ‘Butterfly Effect’ is something that has a number of different meanings for many different people around the world, although SN uses it in an incredible and unique way that will truly resonate with those that see them.

Who is SN?

Firstly, it is perhaps important to be able to know some background information about the artist known as SN. He is an imaginative artist who has managed to source inspiration for many of his creations from fantasy themes as well as the world of nature.

Indeed, much of SN & his art features the butterflies that have become incredibly popular with individuals within the art industry, as his pieces have become extremely attractive to private collectors.

However, it would be a disservice to the artist if his other artworks were not mentioned, as he is a versatile person. For instance, he has managed to create a number of 3D pieces that each feature the magical insect creature to help bring them all to life, whilst ensuring a range of different bright colors is used to make them sparkle.

Butterflies are SN’s main focus

The artist has dedicated a special focus on butterflies throughout his art career, although it is not something that he had initially started out doing. When he was still young, he was able to get his first camera which allowed him to grow the passion that he held for nature and turn it into an art form that he could provide a unique twist with.

Naturally, the butterfly is one of the most mesmerizing creatures in the animal kingdom, with the way that they are formed being just one of the magical things about them. However, the fact that they evolve from being a caterpillar into something so beautiful also provides many individuals in the world with inspiration and hope that anything can be changed and become beautiful despite initially looking a little far from that.

Magical themes applied with the butterflies

SN & his art is truly magical and something that has to be considered rather unique, as he is able to turn a number of negative things into something that becomes rather beautiful when he applies the colorful butterflies that he uses with many of his art pieces.

When taking a look at his works, there are a number of different examples in which he has managed to turn around a rather negative situation or an object that will only provide individuals with negative thoughts by applying a design of butterflies that help to reveal a rather positive image and one that can be rather striking and provide a lasting impression.

For example, perhaps one of SN’s famous art pieces is the one that he created whereby he used an AK-47 gun that has been covered in a number of beautifully cultured butterflies.

The weapon is traditionally associated with war, which is an incredibly horrible thing and something that the world needs less of. However, once it has been covered up by the colorful butterflies, the image becomes rather extraordinary and looks far from deadly as we all know the weapon can be.

Other examples that feature the cool butterfly trend that you did not know that you needed include skulls that perhaps represent death which has been decorated with the magical insects, thus providing a rather attractive image despite being one of the worst kinds of scenarios that a person may go through within their lives.

Not each piece created by SN is as contradictory as the ones that have been mentioned, as the artist has also managed to combine love with the beauty of the creatures, such as love hearts and stunningly vibrant butterflies.


If you did not already know about the Butterfly Art that SN has managed to successfully create, you will now and it is a trend that we can guarantee that you will be fully on board with as soon as you see his pieces.

The artwork has the unique ability to provide a rather positive emotion within an individual when it is seen; regardless of whether it is the first time or the hundredth.