Suffice it to say, not even Santa and his merry band of elves could’ve predicted all that has transpired in 2020. But, despite all the craziness, you can still make this holiday season just as memorable as any other.

Granted, usual traditions may look a bit different, and you might skip traveling cross-country this year to visit family or playing host to all your friends at your annual holiday gathering. But we put together a list of a few ways you can use this season to maximize the spirit of the holidays in your own home.

1. Decorate Your Home Office

Santa’s got his workshop, and you’ve got, well, your workstation. With nearly half of all Americans working remotely, it’s safe to say many people have been experiencing the quarantine blues in similar ways, as they continue to be holed up at home longing for a change of scenery. So, with virtual holiday work parties being all the rage this year, why not take this opportunity to shake up your home office space a bit?

Spend a little more on a truly stand-out tree to put up in your Zoom background. Or, if you’re in charge of setting up the virtual event, consider splurging on delivery of party-themed gift baskets or arranging for a company-wide giveaway. Bottom line: Use this holiday season as a way to relate and connect and make it memorable, even if you’re miles apart from coworkers.

2. Make Memorable Holiday Cards

This year, if distance or the pandemic is getting in the way of you being able to spend time with loved ones, sending out a thoughtful, custom holiday card can help keep you connected. To create beautiful and stylish photo cards to send to family and friends, take a personalized spin this year and turn your home into a winter wonderland for an impromptu photoshoot. Then, use an online stationery site to style and customize your perfect Christmas cards. Choose quality over quantity this season and give your loved ones a tangible token of holiday cheer.

3. Realize Time is Our Most Valuable Luxury

How many times have you heard this one, “It is better to give than receive?” Make this the year you follow through. Countless studies and health gurus talk about the lasting benefits of giving to others. Donating money is often the most straightforward method, but time is our most valuable luxury. And while personal health and safety are paramount this year, giving back to those in need is priceless. Now, if being around and serving hot meals to people isn’t in your comfort zone, think about other ways you can safely donate your time and energy. Cleaning up your neighborhood or collecting cans for a food drive can help spread generosity and hope this holiday season, too.

Upgrade Your Holidays

Despite the chaos, stress, and uncertainty of 2020, you can still make the most of this celebratory season. Maybe that means being more present with loved ones, splurging on over-the-top décor, and/or sharing all your family milestones in one gorgeous and creative card. By upgrading even a small portion of your holidays, like your Christmas cards, you can still find purpose, meaning, connection, and merriment in the midst of a very trying year.