Are you itching to change the vibe of your home? Do you want to make your space relaxing and fun to relieve the stress of your everyday life? Check out Boho interior design style! This style is perfect for chill people with colorful personalities who like to show off their characters through their homes. But how can you pull off Bohemian design in your space?

Aim for relaxing seating

The Boho mantra is simple—it’s all about kicking back and relaxing to the max. So, make sure to start your bohemian makeover right from the furniture. If you can get your hands on some soft ottomans, bean bag chairs and floor pillows, they are all great low-level seating options. Leather poufs are also a must in Boho décor, especially those Morocco-inspired ones with leather materials and traditional patterns. Since comfort is key, you can pile up as many pillows as you like, and you don’t even have to worry about colors too much. Like yellows, blues and reds at the same time? Go for it!

Play with textures

You can never have too much texture in a Boho home. Luckily, adding texture to your space is easy and it can be achieved in many ways. For instance, you can fill your space with baskets, planters, macramé, fur rugs, upholstered furniture and even books. Your textured items can be employed differently, but if you hang a tapestry, layer blankets on your furniture and grab a few shaggy pillows for the floor, you’ll achieve a cozy and fun vibe. Also, don’t forget wood—it’s always welcome in any Boho space. From birch nightstands to rough pallet beds, you have many wooden things to choose from.

Visit some interesting decor shops

Boho decoration is everything but boring and ordinary, so think outside the box and pick out interesting pieces that will attract attention and start many conversations. You can hit a vintage shop and invest in one or two unique and old items to match your home’s look. If you prefer to shop from home, check out hand carved decoration from Skull Bliss which perfectly fits into every Boho interior. These pieces have everything you want—mystique, beauty, interest and charm, so your space will come to life and look unique and fun.

Layer rugs

Piling two or three rugs on top of each other gives you an opportunity to mix things up with textures, patterns and colors even further. For a great effect, layer a bright, vintage rug over a neutral jute rug. Or, you can layer differently-textured rugs from the same color palette if you prefer a more minimalistic vibe in your space.

Light it up from all directions

Use whatever you can get your hands on, from vintage chandeliers to string lights, lanterns and candles. When creating a Boho-inspired home, you want to pay special attention to lighting to show off all the little textural and color details. Feel free to mix and match lighting sources, but natural fiber pendants, lanterns and chandeliers look the best.

Go all-in with plants

If you Google any Boho space, you won’t find a room that has less than three plants in it. Green friends are crucial for this interior design style and they will fill your space with good vibes and healthy energy. Start with one or two bigger plants in interesting planters and continue filling the gaps with hanging and vining plants (these add a ton of visual interest to the room). If you’re not exactly a botanist, cacti and succulents require minimal care, so keep that in mind.

Do you like what you see and hear? Take some of these Boho design tips and introduce them to your home for a whole new vibe to your space that will brighten up your every day!