I hate the concept of becoming a millionaire by 65, what they say, save money and grow rich. Okay, let’s imagine, you have accumulated cash till you 65, now what? Can you enjoy your life in your 60s with that million dollars? Most probably not, you will find yourself spending that amount on your pellets and stuff. So what is the right approach about the money, and how can be a millionaire in your 30s? Well, that is all about the mindset.

The mindset to be a millionaire

From the beginning, we are being taught that getting rich quickly is always a bad practice. There is no legitimate way to get wealthy quick is all that we know about money. So, our minds get blocked, and we stop thinking about making big money; instead, we start saving money. But the millionaires don’t have this mindset, they believe in making huge money and find a way to do so.

Our 2nd thought that is built by society is that you cannot make money if you don’t have money. This concept is even more toxic than the former. We start soliciting for a jackpot or a fairytale that can give us some money to start a business. If we don’t find someone like that, we keep sitting idle for the rest of our lives. And if by chance we get money to start a business, most people start a business and fail terribly.

It is the law of money, and if you don’t know how to start a business with zero investment, then the market will not allow you to begin even if you have money for that.

Ways to be a millionaire.

The quickest way of becoming a millionaire that comes in mind is winning a lottery. Lotteries are getting popular in this internet epoch. Now you can take part in lotteries online. No matter if the lottery is from the USA or UK, you can play it from any part of the world. Talking about the UK, it was not that famous for online lotteries, but recently, Lottoland found Durham was one of the UK’s luckiest cities and started online lottery there.

We will talk about lotteries later, here I am not going to tell you the ways to get millionaire here, and honestly, I don’t know the way that will work for you. As I mentioned above, it’s all about mindset, and if you cannot get that mindset, you cannot be a millionaire even if you know the exact calculations and formulas to be a millionaire. However, some ways are legal and can make you a millionaire in your 20s. But if you lack the mindset, you will lose here too.

Utilize your Expertise

You are an expert in something, yes you are, that can be some exaggerated knowledge, expertise or anything. Just try to deliver them to the people who need that, not only in your area, city or country but all over the planet. You got the internet use that. This can make you rich quick if you don’t believe me, do the math yourself.

Provide the best service

The best way to make big money quickly is to grow business fast. And to increase business rapidly, you have to provide the best service in town. Your service should be too excellent that you shouldn’t have to spend on advertisement and your customers will bring more referrals.

Buy a Lottery Ticket

After all that, this idea of becoming a millionaire seems shady. Still, you have to admit that it has made many people millionaires in the 20th and 21st centuries, and fate plays an indispensable role in all this. There was a time when you have to purchase the lottery tickets physically, and that was the only option. People from other countries were incapable of buying tickets from other countries like the USA that have bigger prizes and chances of winning.

In UK, the lottery system was still old since recently, but now Lottoland found Durham was one of the UK’s luckiest cities, and you can do the lottery game online to make millions quickly.