A girl can never have enough accessories. Jewelry is always going to be on her wish list. So, according to her personality, you can gift anything from a neck piece to hand bracelet. Make sure you know her preferences – some like gold, while others swear by antique silver jewelry.

Kitchen appliances

This one is for your mum, granny or any female friends who are cooking buffs. Gift her cool knife set, exciting bake ware or any of the latest kitchen appliances.

These are just a few ideas for gifts for women. Go ahead, use these tips – get creative and gift her the perfect gift!

Bookshelf Chair

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Creative and useful gift. You can have your own library right in your own chair. No getting up, just sit there all night and read books.


Candle That Smells Like Books

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Book lovers often talk about how great it is to smell either new or old books. If you have someone in your life that is always mentioning that, this is a great gift. Who would of guessed that book scented candles are available to buy?


Light Up Book

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A very bright idea. This would be a great night light for the late night readers.


Pointer Finger Bookmark

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This pointer finger bookmark shows the exact sentence that you left off on. Every book lover needs to get their hands on one of these.



Book Pillow

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Some book lovers are known for falling asleep with a book in their face. They’re comfy and useful for book lovers. What else could you ask for?


Book Phone Cover

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This awesome leather book cover iPhone case is also a wallet and display stand. 3-in-1. You couldn’t ask for a better gift.


Book Necklace

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These mini book necklaces are perfect for the woman in your life that love both jewelry and books. With that variety of colors, you’re sure to pick out one that she’ll love.


Bath Caddy

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Some people don’t like getting their books wet. But for the people who do like to take a long relaxing bath reading a good book, this bamboo bath caddy is the perfect present.


Be Right Back

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This ‘Be Right Back’ bookmark is a cute yet truthful bookmark for book lovers.


Bookshelf Level

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Bet you’ve never seen a bookshelf as cool looking as this one. This balance bookshelf is a great storage shelf and a great decoration for the house.


Staircase Decor

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These book decals for stair risers can add instant charm to any household. Spice up your staircase with these!


Vintage Case

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Vintage book kindle case covers are great for people who love classic books and want to add some personality to their kindle case.


Book Bed

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Whoever came up with this book shaped bed is a genius. It looks huge, and who wouldn’t want to read a book while laying in a book?


Book Tent

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This tent made in England will be the coolest one a book lover has ever seen. Pack your bags up, it’s time to go camping!


Reading Lamp Bookmark

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Reading lamp bookmark. Probably one of the coolest bookmarks I’ve ever seen.


Book Clutch

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This book clutch for women is great. Just hold a book instead of a purse.


Invisible Bookcase

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This invisible book case will leave your house looking organized and clean.


Reading Mug

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This handmade mug is a great gift for readers. It’s funny, classic, and looks perfect for a rainy day.


Bedtime Stories Cover

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This bedtime stories cover will be on every book lovers wishlist. How cool is that?


Vintage Book rack

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This book racks is so vintage, clean, and cool looking. I can’t imagine somebody not wanting this.


Book Hair Piece

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Got a girlfriend that’s a hair accessory lover and a book lover? No problem! This gift has you covered.


Library Book Phone Case

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This library card phone case will bring back memories of having your library books stamped like this. Great for book lovers who need some nostalgia.


Planting Book

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Have you ever wanted to grow a plant out of a book? Well with this design, now you can! Mix your green thumb with books and you’ll have a fun time.



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