Christmas is a nerve wracking time of year, especially for parents; as they have to strive to meet their child’s expectation, especially when it comes to picking the right toys for them, catering all the Christmas dinner and food! This can be very daunting, and even a worrying time for the impact it has on your time and wallet. But with the right planning, having foresight, and with the correct attitude then you should be on your way to throwing a memorable Christmas for all your family.

When should I start planning Christmas?

A reasonable time to start planning for Christmas would be late November time, which is when you should be sitting down and writing down everything you need, and what needs doing to the detail. Have a menu plan together, of not just Christmas dinner, but for the other days in the holiday too. By starting this early means you can always add new recipes you may come across on the build-up.

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Budgeting Christmas for your child/children:

A good method for buying presents is by getting your child or children to write a Christmas list to Santa Claus – then let them know once the list is sent off, they can’t change it until next year. This will stop the child’s expectation of being able to change the wish list, and should reduce arguments.

If you have more than one child then make sure they have equal budget, and the same quantity of presents. By having the lists you will then be able to work out on what to buy them (and you have the assurance it is what they want).

School break-up

Always expect the school to do a nativity, Christmas party, or anything else. So make sure you stay aware of the school’s plans (Some schools may offer no uniform on the day before break up), and ensure your child is participating in the Christmas spirit.

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Stocking Fillers

It can be intimidating on what to buy for the size of your child’s stocking, but just remember this is only for their excitement in the morning for opening presents! Nothing expensive needs to go in the stocking, you can fill it up with coloring books, sweets, chocolate, small plastic toys etc. Usually places like the 99c store are excellent for stocking up on these.

Christmas Eve

The day you should have all the food ready for tomorrow’s dinner, as today you will need to do any prep that is required for cooking the next day (you don’t want time consuming tasks on the day, otherwise you’ll find yourself stuck out in the kitchen for most of it).

Once it gets to the evening, then this is the time to start enjoying the holiday! Open your favorite bottle of wine/beverage, and have everyone in the front room for games and activities; along with the Christmas hits playing on the radio in the background.

Before it’s time to put your child to bed, show them that they need to leave out a glass of cherry and carrot for Santa and his reindeer, and read them a good Christmas bed time story. (T’was the night before Christmas is fully recommended).

Enjoy, and have a merry Christmas!