This Tiger’s Reaction After Seeing A Pregnant Woman Is The Most Incredible Thing You’ll See Today

15. Up Close and Personal

Image: The Economic Times

We have to admit that getting up close and personal with a tiger isn’t really up there on our priority list. Not only are they unpredictable wild animals, but they don’t seem to play well with others either. For one woman, a fun day at the zoo turned into a bewildering encounter with a tiger, which might make you think twice about how safe you are visiting the local zoo. What until you see what happens!

14. The Perfect Killing Machine

Image: The Hindu

Tigers are known for their strong and muscular bodies which help propel them towards prey at breakneck speeds. Their large heads combined with extremely powerful jaws create the perfect killing machine when out in the wild. To say you wouldn’t want to come across a hungry tiger would be an understatement.

13. Too Close Thanks

Image: OMG Lane

Therefore, we would definitely recommend not getting too close to one, especially if you happen to be pregnant. Unfortunately for one woman, she didn’t heed our advice.

12. A Day at the Zoo

Image: OMG Lane

Brittany was 27 weeks pregnant when she decided a nice day at the zoo was just what the doctor ordered. While the overall day was a fun one, it was what occurred at the tiger enclosure that is nothing short of amazing.

11. A Curious Tiger

Image: OMG Lane

After sitting down to rest her legs, one of the tigers ran up to the glass partition separating them. While most of the zoo animals tend to ignore their human admirers, this tiger was more than just a little curious when it came to pregnant Brittany.

10. The Perfect Photo Op

Image: OMG Lane

At first Brittany was slightly alarmed. Did the tiger want to attack her? Thankfully, those fears were quickly eased when the tiger began to rub his face on the glass. Talk about a perfect photo op moment!

9. A Whiny Tiger

Image: OMG Lane

The tiger showed no signs of being aggressive whatsoever, in fact, he was whining and trying to paw at the glass to get to Brittany. Did he see her as an appetizer or did he truly want some cuddle time? Regardless, Brittany’s friends were amused to say the least.

8. Belly Obsession

Image: OMG Lane

Showing more affection as time goes on, Brittany stood up to show the tiger her pregnant belly. To say the animal was obsessed would be an understatement. He was completely enthralled by her large protruding stomach.

7. Pregnancy Pheromones

Image: OMG Lane

According to experts who watched the video, it was concluded that the tiger could have possibly been smelling certain pheromones that are released during pregnancy. With Brittany being so far along, the pheromones were intoxicating to the large tiger.

6. Tiger Attacks 101

Image: Shutterstock

In the wild, most tigers avoid any contact with humans. However, statistics have shown that tigers cause more human deaths through direct attacks than other mammals. This is due to their lack of interaction with people on a daily basis.

5. A Strong Bond

Image: Baby Animal Zoo

The bond between a mother tiger and her baby is a strong one. In fact, other animals in the wild will not attack a tiger cub due to the protective nature of the mother. Is it possible that this tiger was bonding with Brittany’s unborn child?

4. To Be Scared or To Laugh?

Image: OMG Lane

One woman featured in the video is overheard saying, “I don’t know whether to laugh or be scared.” Honestly, we feel the same way. Thankfully, that is some seriously thick glass.

3. No Laughing Matter

Image: Pinterest

Personally, we can’t imagine laughing in this situation. We’ve seen one too many tiger attack videos on YouTube. Let’s just say, they ain’t pretty!

2. No Intentions of Attack

Image: WWF Malaysia

Thankfully, this tiger had no intentions of trying to attack and was just seeking out some love and affection. We also have a feeling it was fascinated by the woman’s large stomach.

1. Curiosity or Hunger?

Image: OMG Lane

What do you think? Is the tiger simply curious about Brittany’s belly or is it possible there is a more sinister plot afoot?