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Police Hurting Innocent People

Just because they have badges doesn’t mean that they have the right to harm innocent people. However, they still find a way around this and end up justifying their sick crimes thanks to their jobs.

Jonathan Sanders

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Sanders wasn’t breaking any laws when a cop decided to chase him and choke him to death in front of his family members.

Esmeralda Rossi

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Rossi was in the shower when cops entered her home and assaulted her. She didn’t break any laws but was still apprehended nonetheless.

Eric Wilson

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Wilson was on his way home from his job when cops arrested him because he “fit the description” of a suspect. It doesn’t matter that Wilson is legally blind, he was still arrested.

Dillon Taylor

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Wilson was wearing headphone when a cop assumed that he was a suspect that they were looking for. He didn’t hear the cop’s commands and ended up being shot to death.

Daniel Chong

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Chong was at the wrong place, at the wrong time when cops kidnapped him and held him inside a dark jail cell for five days without food and water.

Floyd Dent

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Floyd Dent was a retired grandfather when he was pulled over by cops for being a “drug dealer.” He was beaten and drugs were planted on his vehicle.

Sureshbhai Patel

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Patel was in the US to visit his grandchildren when a cop beat him and left him paralyzed for no justifiable reason.

Parker Mansell Jr.

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Mansell was already confined to a wheelchair, but cops still decided to taser him when they dropped by his home to serve an arrest warrant for his son.

Dustin Theoharis

Media Source

Theoharis was asleep when two cops entered his home and fired 16 (out of 20) shots onto his body and ended up not being the man that these crooks were looking for.

Sharod Kindell

Media Source

Kindell pulled his car over to answer a phone call when a cop decided that what he was doing was suspicious activity. The cop opened fire.

Roger Carlos

Media Source

Carlos was only taking a photo of a building when cops tackled and beat him to a pulp. He was mistaken for a suspect who was already in police custody.

Chad Chadwick

Media Source

SWAT officers shot, tasered, brutally beaten, and had stun grenades thrown at Chadwick. To cover up for their mess, they decided to charge him with 6 counts of felony assault of an officer when he wasn’t doing anything wrong.

David Hooks

Media Source

Hooks’ home was raided by cops when they mistook it as a meth lab after a bogus tip from a car thief. He died from his injuries.

Akai Gurley

Media Source

Gurley was walking back to his apartment with his girlfriend when cops were startled by him and ended up shooting him to death.

Maria Fernanda Godinez

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Godinez was out with friends when a cop fired a shot inside an Orlando club and ended up murdering her instead.

Henry Davis

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Davis was beaten by cops after they mistook him for another man. Instead of apologizing, they charged him with destruction of public property after his blood got on their uniforms.

Jody Kozma

Media Source

Kozma is a mentally impaired woman who was accused of shoplifting by cops. She was assaulted and thrown to the ground even if she wasn’t even doing anything wrong.

Jerry Waller

Media Source

Waller was asleep on his bed when a cop barged into his home. Thinking he was being robbed, Waller reached for his gun, but the officer fired at him instead.

Spencer Koptis

Media Source

Spencer Koptis was a toddler who had an inoperable brain cancer. A medical grower provided him with a specific strain that improved his condition, but cops decided to arrest the guy, cutting off Spencer’s supply.

Najee Rivera

Media Source

Rivera was pulled over by two cops. He complied but ended up dying after the two cops ran him over with their squad car.

Robert Saylor

Media Source

Saylor had Down’s Syndrome and ended up throwing a tantrum inside a movie theater. Instead of pacifying him, three cops ended up shooting the innocent man.

Gilberto Powell

Media Source

Powell had a “bulge” in his pants which led to police beating him almost to death. Little did they know, it was his colostomy bag and he wasn’t doing anything wrong.

Douglas Zerby

Media Source

Zerby was holding a hose nozzle when neighbors called the cops on him, saying that he had a gun. Instead of being confronted, cops fired their guns at him instead.

Luis Rodriguez

Media Source

Rodriguez was leaving a movie theater with his wife and daughter when cops approached him, thinking he was their suspect and ended up shooting him.


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