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Long Island’s Dirtiest Police Chief

When you’re a cop, you’re already expected to be dirty. But not every cop can be just like James Burke. You have to be someone that’s pretty immoral to be considered as Long Island’s dirtiest police chief.

Christopher Loeb’s discovery

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Loeb stole a duffel bag from the back of an unlocked car and discovered horrifying stuff. He had no idea that this would lead to the downfall of a prominent law enforcement figure in their community.

Arrest and denial of access to a lawyer

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While he was in custody, he was denied access to a lawyer and he had no idea what charges were put against him. He was also roughed up and beaten during his arrest.

Dark stuff

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The duffel bag that Loeb had discovered contained immoral images with children that feature boys, a pair of handcuffs, a can of mace, and a gun.

James Burke’s role in the arrest

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Little did Loeb know, James Burke was actually the owner of the duffel bag. Burke derived pleasure from overseeing the torture that Loeb underwent in custody.

 “Palace guards”

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Burke lovingly called the cops who did his bidding in torturing Loeb his “palace guards” which makes him the king.



“He wanted to become a cop so he could get away with breaking the law.”

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See, what kind of logic is that? Cops should be in service because they want to protect and serve, not cover their butts when their crimes get exposed.

Cover up of the abuse

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Burke urged his fellow cops to keep their mouths shut about their abuse. He even threatened one cop that he’d make sure that he was a dead man if he tried to say anything.

Past misconduct with a convicted street worker

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In 1993, Burke had a relationship with Lowrita Rickenbacker, a street worker who keeps getting arrested by the same precinct where he was assigned.

Charming narcissist

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While he may talk rough and can be a bit vulgar, Burke can apparently charm anybody whenever he wanted to get his way.

History of being a crime witness

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Burke was a young boy when he testified to a girl’s murder, which led to the conviction of three teenagers.

Low-lever burglar and dgru dealer past

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However, he also had a pretty sketchy past. It’s a bit surprising that someone with a criminal record ended up becoming a police chief

Start of police career

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Burke was 21- years old in 1986 when he joined the force. Five years later, he was promoted to sergeant, and then a couple of years after that, he was sleeping with a street worker for narcotics

A Napoleonic complex

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Since Burke was a short guy, he had his own insecurities and was said to have a Napoleonic complex and saw himself as superior to everybody else.


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While Burke never really did use narcotics (always opting to sell them) he was certainly one who would indulge in lots of sex.

Admittance to using the power of his badge

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Burke has a history of driving intoxicated and whenever he got caught, he would just flash his badge to get off the hook.

Forced into retirement

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Because of the scandal that happened with Loeb’s case, Burke was forced to retire from the force.

Obscenely large salary and payout

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Even if he was forcefully taken out, Burke was still entitled to a $434,370 payout because of his benefits in the force.

Assault and conspiracy charges

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Burke was charged with assault and conspiracy because of all the beatings and cover-ups he facilitated.

Corruption probe in other Long Island departments

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Because of one incident with a different department, all other law enforcement agencies/departments in Long Island ended up becoming subject to investigation to make sure that another Burke situation won’t arise.

Pleading guilty

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Burke had no other choice but to plead guilty to assaulting Loeb and for conspiring to hide evidence from the event.

Corruption of Burke’s whole department

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Since he was the chief, his officers were also bound to be corrupt, especially if they’re the ones doing his bidding.

 Thomas J. Spota’s protégés

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Thomas Spota was a dirty district attorney who groomed Burke as one of his protégés.

46 months

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For all that he has done, Burke is only set to serve 46 months in prison.

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