Even if you’ve got a beauty cabinet filled with the most expensive products money can buy, they won’t do much good if the skin underneath isn’t properly prepped. Your daily skincare regimen is as important as makeup itself — one just doesn’t work without the other. We’re not saying you need to pile on the foundation — you’re beautiful just as you are! — but every glam girl knows the right beauty look can elevate your overall look to new, breathtaking heights. Take a cue from gorgeous beauty vlogger Rachel Leary for a few ideas on how to prep your face “for the gods”. Read on to find out which products will give you the look.

Moisturizing your face before applying your makeup is so, so important to keep your skin from dryness and early aging. Be sure to use a product that comes armed with SPF to ensure you protect your biggest organ from the sun’s harmful rays. You don’t need to spend a ton of money, either. There are plenty of drugstore products that offer sufficient protection against the sun.

Use a primer before applying your foundation. Not only will the product stick to your skin better, but it provides an extra layer of protection against greasy product getting stuck in your pores. It’s also great for a radiant glow, so don’t skip this step!

A Beauty Blender is the absolute best tool to achieve a dewey look that’s always in style. Dampen it ahead of use to achieve a fabulously uniform application guaranteed to shine even during fall’s gloomy weather.