Getting a good night’s rest is hard to do when you have money matters on the mind, but you wouldn’t be alone. Nearly half of all Americans (47%) lose sleep over bills, savings, and debt.

While this number is down from past years, it’s still a worrisome statistic. Sleep is important for your overall health, playing a vital role in strengthening your immune system, improving your memory, and lowering the risk of heart disease.

If you’re tired of tossing and turning at night, keep scrolling. From money management tricks to sleep hygiene tips, they’ll help you get some shut-eye.

Set a Spending Plan

A spending plan is like a budget but without any of the hang-ups that come with the “b” word. For many people, a budget all too often becomes something they do once and never look at again.

A spending plan helps you shift your focus. A plan means you’re checking in with your progress and matching the benchmarks you made at the start. In terms of your spending, that means prioritizing your cash for the responsible things (bills, savings, and debt repayment) before splurging on the fun stuff.

Checking in with your plan and comparing it to your expenses in real-time can help you see whether your spending choices keep you on the straight and narrow or if they’re leading you to troubled waters.

Address Your Debt

No spending plan would be complete without focusing some of your money on debt repayment. You’ll want to make sure you hit the minimum payments on all your credit cards, line of credit personal loans, and installment loans (which may include auto, student, and personal loans).

The minimum payment is what you need to cover to keep your accounts in good standing, avoid late fines, and insulate your credit score.

But when has doing the bare minimum ever resulted in spectacular results? To see your debt disappear faster, you need to cover more than these minimum payments.

Suppose you’ve taken out one of the many installment loans Mississippi has to offer from a financial institution like MoneyKey. In that case, you can safely make extra payments to pay down your principal faster. However, some lenders may not have the same policy on pre-payments, so always check your loan contract before you cut a check.

Improve Your Sleep Hygiene

While your money can weigh on your mind at night, staying up late scrolling through your phone doesn’t help things either. This is one of the most common sleep hygiene faux-pas, but you might be struggling to nod off at night if you’re making any of these mistakes.

To make sure you’re setting yourself up for a full night’s rest, try to make a habit out of these sleep-positive tips:

  • Stop looking at screens one hour before bedtime
  • Set a consistent bedtime and wakeup time
  • Don’t stay in bed after you wakeup
  • Don’t drink caffeine in the afternoon or evening
  • Get exercise throughout the day to burn off extra energy

Bottom Line

There’s no single route towards a better night’s rest. You’ll have better success hitting the hay after you try a little bit of everything. Focusing on your sleep hygiene makes it easier to fall asleep while you focus on kicking your money troubles to the curb.