Sometimes, the most overlooked addictions come from things in life we need.

Being addicted to cocaine is one thing, but being addicted to the Internet is another. That’s because the Internet is needed to live in modern times. From entertaining yourself during lockdown to working, it’s difficult for many to remember a world before it.

The problem is that being addicted to it can end up costing a person. In this post, we will look at Internet addiction and explain when it’s time to seek a therapist.

What is it?

Internet addiction isn’t on the DSM-5, but it may soon be due to the mounting evidence of its existence.

Addiction to the Internet involves the uncontrollable urge to look at certain parts of the Internet. You can divide Internet addiction into five categories.


This is when you partake in activities that can be financially harmful. You may be addicted to buying the hottest products on Amazon, winning an auction on eBay, or gambling. This combines excessive retail therapy alongside gambling addiction, which can lead to severe financial loss if left untreated.

Nothing is wrong with occasionally buying something good or gambling, but if it is overtaking your life, it’s important to seek a therapist.

Cybersex Addiction

Also known as porn addiction, this is when someone spends a majority of their time on porn websites or adult webcam sites.

This isn’t someone who opens up a site on occasion to receive sexual pleasure; someone with a porn addiction may spend all day on there.

It can inhibit real sexual relationships, too. It’s important to know if you or a loved one has a cybersex addiction. Due to the stigma surrounding sexual content, it’s difficult for many to admit they have a problem and seek help as a result.

Cyber Relationship Addiction

Finding friends and lovers online can be life-changing. Being able to meet people you couldn’t have otherwise met can connect you with some great friends, and possibly the love of your life.

However, there is such a thing as being addicted to a relationship. This is a person who spends all day on chat rooms and other websites talking to other people, and it often involves desperation. These are people who are more prone to being catfished, or people who will ignore their IRL friends for someone online.

Information Seeking

Sometimes, we get bored at work and want to look at some interesting information.

Or, maybe we’re scrolling on Facebook or Twitter to keep up with the news and with our friends. Nothing is wrong with that.

However, when one is constantly refreshing to read updates on a story, this can lead to someone losing productivity and being unable to enjoy life.

This goes hand-in-hand with social media addiction, and could be considered a part of it.

Game Addiction

This is when someone spends all day on a computer or phone playing games. From online RPGs to even games that are already on the computer, this can be an addiction that takes over one’s life.

Nothing is wrong with unwinding after a long day with a game. However, when you are spending hours on a game, it’s important for you to seek help.

It All Connects

Internet addiction overlaps with various other addictions, include video game addiction, porn addiction, and much more. Smartphones also tie in with this addiction as well, creating a hydra that can be difficult to defeat.

Someone with an addictive personality is more prone to developing an addiction, but anyone can fall into the trap of internet addiction. Even someone who feels like they never get on the Web.

How Do I Know I Have An Addiction?

It can be a challenge to figure out if you or a loved one have an addiction. If you are realizing you may have one, this is a good first step. Here are some signs you may have it.

  • When not online, you feel negative emotions. You may feel anxious, suffer from depression, or feel irritable. This especially applies if you are trying to go offline.
  • You’re always thinking about what you’re going to do next online, and this occupies your mind.
  • You’ve made several attempts to cut back on using the Internet, but to no avail.
  • You need to to be online more and more to feel any satisfaction in doing so.
  • You always have to recharge your phone because you can’t stop being online. When you don’t have your phone, you feel incomplete.
  • It’s made you stay up later at night to the point of insomnia.
  • You’ve seen several changes in your body, from weight gain or loss to trouble seeing.
  • Finally, you’ve suffered consequences. You may have lost some money, or you may be dealing with friends or family members who have abandoned you because of your addiction.

It’s important that you seek help ASAP if you feel like you have an addiction. If left untreated, it can take a lot longer for someone to figure out how to escape the addiction.

Seeking Help

One way to seek help is through an addiction therapist.

While they are commonly associated with treating drug and alcohol addictions, they are also known for treating addictions that are online as well.

A therapist helps you by identifying triggers that may make you use the Internet more. In addition, they can teach you coping strategies that can make it a lot easier when you are dealing with withdrawal symptoms.

Ironically, one way you can get help is through online therapy. An online therapist can talk to you through text, voice, or video chat and provide you with the same advice as a traditional therapist.

In a time where we are staying indoors a lot more, this can be valuable for many people. However, how can you find a therapist online?

One way is to seek out an addiction therapist specifically. For more information, click here:


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