CBD is an active ingredient now being used in many products around the world. The beauty industry has seen a significant increase in CBD-based products as laws surrounding the use of CBD disappear and people realize that there might be fantastic health benefits of using the product.

The use of CBD in topical applications has exploded, perhaps based on social beliefs. There’s still somewhat of a stigma surrounding the use of CBD, even though researchers have found that it’s not a substance that will get you high. It lacks the psychoactive ingredient THC. Still, consumers seem to object less to a good CBD cream because it might do great things and you don’t have to swallow anything.

But it’s not just creams that are becoming a part of the beauty industry. The best CBD oil is also being used in tincture or capsule form to promote skin and hair health from the inside out. The beauty industry is changing as we know it. It’s also import to work with a CBD company you can trust. Trust Blessed CBD since they have often proven themselves to be a reliable provider of CBD goods.

Many Benefits of CBD for Skincare

Those who have used CBD for their skin problems and irritants can’t seem to say enough positive things about it. Nowadays, as this guide to how you can choose to take CBD oil explains, there are so many CBD-infused skincare products available, it is incredibly likely that there is a product for you.  They love how it makes their skin look and feel, and it seems to help heal some of their biggest issues. Let’s take a look at some of the top benefits of CBD for your skincare.

Acne: There’s some research to indicate that CBD can treat acne by reducing the production of sebum. Sebum production is the biggest contributor to clogged pores, causing acne. CBD has also been linked with anti-inflammatory properties, and it could help to treat hormonal acne breakouts by balancing hormones and reducing inflammation.

Inflammatory Skin Problems: Eczema, psoriasis, and other inflammatory skin diseases affect more than 30 million Americans, and irritated and inflamed skin cells are at the root cause. CBD can target the inflammatory response and help to soothe irritation from any of these conditions. It can also effectively diminish redness and moisturize the skin.

Wrinkles: Some evidence might suggest that CBD can minimize wrinkles and smooth skin. It’s not Botox or anything, but a CBD cream applied to the edges of the eyes could smooth some of the crows feet you have there. This is just one of many ways that CBD can contribute to anti-aging.

Dryness: If you live in a dry climate, and regular lotions just aren’t cutting it, CBD creams can offer the moisture your dry skin needs. It might help the moisturizing ingredients to penetrate more deeply into your top layers of skin, reducing cracked skin and the number of times you need lotion.

Sun Burn: While CBD can’t keep you from getting sun burned, it can help SPF creams do their jobs. CBD is believed to help the sunscreen penetrate deeper into the skin, providing longer lasting coverage. It’s also a common ingredient in after sun lotions to help reduce the negative impact of a sunburn. The cell-restoring properties of CBD may also help to prevent the development of skin cancer.

CBD Infiltrates Makeup

Along with using CBD skin creams and cleansers, some are turning to CBD makeup. Many companies produce CBD-based makeup that’s supposed to be better than your typical varieties.

For example, there’s mascara that not only glides on beautifully, but also helps to make your eyelashes grow. Brow gels, eye shadows, blush, eye liners, and more are designed to enhance a person’s beauty as well as their skin health.

CBD-based foundations, CC, and BB creams are also great for moisturizing the skin and delivering CBD benefits while offering full coverage for the wearer.

Promoting Hair Health

Recent product lines are now introducing hair care items that contain CBD. The belief is that the CBD along with healthy oils will keep the hair well hydrated. CBD is full of fatty acids that are optimal for hair health and gross.

Chemists are also testing CBD as a base for hair loss prevention products. Those who use CBD to help hydrate and replenish their hair report that it has helped them to control hair loss related to dry hair and scalp conditions.

CBD is rich in antioxidants and has anti-inflammatory properties, which contribute to damage and loss. CBD taken internally and then used in hair care products could provide a double dose of health and hydration for your hair.

Gen-Z’s Go-To Product

According to a recent Forbes report, CBD use in beauty products is most popular among Generation Z, or those born between 1995 and 2005. The number of users in this age group has approximately doubled in the U.K., according to the report.

We’re seeing a refresh of products designed for and marketed to the younger generation. It considers both cultural influences and purchasing behavior to maximize the reach of CBD products in this realm.

Topical products are still the most popular among this age group because of the stigma surrounding ingestible CBD products. Additionally, it’s not legal everywhere in the world to consume CBD, so this generation is having a more difficult time getting their hands on the associated products.

Researchers believe that the popularity of CBD among this younger generation is spearheaded by the “greenwashing” movement that’s driven by the same group. CBD is usually marketed as a green, alternative medication. It’s totally organic and most companies strive to leave a low carbon footprint. And Gen-Z is loving it!

CBD: A Relaxing Part of the Beauty Industry

In states where CBD use in the commercial sector is legal, we’re starting to see spas and salons that offer treatments containing CBD. People specifically choose these spas because they want the benefits of CBD in their facials, massages, hair styles, and more.

Some companies are producing an all CBD spa line designed to appeal to those who love the products. As might be expected, Gen-Z are among the biggest clientele at these spas, but it’s age inclusive, and more and more people are enjoying the benefits found therein.

This is just a small taste of how CBD has impacted our worldwide beauty industry. It’ll be exciting to see what future trends and legislation bring us in the CBD world.