There is certain blanket hoodie, such as cotton blanket sweatshirt. It would have been washed easily in washing machines. But some sweatshirt blankets are there which should be washed by hands, dry cleaning. The material of the blanket and its weaving will have an impact on a sweatshirt blanket. While washing your sweatshirt blanket you should always follow the directions before doing anything with the blanket. The directions will provide you a better way to wash your sweatshirt blanket without destroying your product.

Hand washing you sweatshirt blanket

Utilizing the washing machine to wash your sweatshirt blanket is very simple. But sometimes washing your sweatshirt blanket in the washing machine can ruin your sweatshirt blanket. Washing your hoodie by hand involves the following steps.

Add cold water to a bucket and add detergent according to it. Be sure that you mix soap and water completely and properly. Place your sweatshirt blanket in the water and knead one portion of the hoodie one by one. When the sweatshirt blanket is rinsed properly then take the sweatshirt blanket out of the water and squash the material to remove the surplus of water. Follow these steps again and again till the time there is no detergent on the sweatshirt blanket. After removing all the water from the sweatshirt blanket, put the sweatshirt blanket in between two dry towels to take the water out. This will enhance the drying of the material.

Things to take care of before washing blanket hoodie

It is a bit difficult to look for some directions before you clean your sweatshirt blanket. If you know some tricks then you can wash your hoodie properly. Some information will help you and will add to the life of the sweatshirt blanket.

How you should clean your crochet hoodie

If you would like to rinse your crochet sweatshirt blanket in the washing machine, then it is better if you put the sweatshirt blanket in a mesh bag before putting in the washing machine. The mesh bag will keep your sweatshirt blanket safe. Keep the sweatshirt blanket and reshape the fabric after cleaning.

How frequently one should wash their sweatshirt blanket

As noticed, you should wash your sweatshirt blanket at least once in two weeks. Even they are prepared from woolen, they also seek cleaning.

Never completely dry your sweatshirt blanket

It is important to note that one should not entirely dry their sweatshirt blanket. Certain sweatshirt blankets are there which will be a problem to the dryer, it can also destroy the pattern of your fabric. You should keep an eye on your sweatshirt blanket at least every 20 minutes and you should take out the hoodie when it is 80 percent dry.

You should avoid the use of fabric softener

Medium utilization of fabric softener can make your sweatshirt blanket bit soft, color fade-resistant and pill-resistant as well. But sometimes there is a problem. The liquid could not be absorbed uniformly by the fabric and it will cause spotting on your sweatshirt blanket.