A dog is a man’s best friend. Any pup parent would agree to that adage. A dog has almost the same qualities we human beings possess, only that it is an animal. It can sense an emotionally distraught person and offer comfort to them. Especially if you are good at pampering your dog, you will agree that it reciprocates and pampers you back.

As much as we picture adorable puppies kissing and playing, it takes a lot of commitment to maintain a healthy puppy.The following insightful tips will help you learn and improve your puppy care skills.

Name your puppy

Naming your puppy is an exciting task. You can call it according to its characteristics, body features, walking style, appearance, heritage, or behavior. However, naming a dog is a personal choice. As the owner, you only have to choose an appropriate name.

People exercise liberality when naming their puppies. Some people give their dogs real people names that maybe remind them of someone they treasure or something relatable. Any name can do but remember it is best if you name your dog only once.

Dog-proof your home and your yard

Dog proofing your home is the same way as baby proofing your home against allergies. You need to learn what works for your dog and what affects it. Maybe your favorite snack would be upset the dog’s digestion. You need to forge a good relationship with your dog for the sake of everyone’s health. Teach your dog how to respect your house.

Another thing is yard-proofing. The dog spends most of its time in the yard. If your home is not fenced, you need the right fence type to keep your dog wandering off to the neighbors and getting lost or hurt. If you own a home athttps://www.movoto.com/ you can customize it to suit your dog’s needs.

Dog accessories

Like humans, there are a couple of accessories your puppy needs like scissors to trim their hairs, their washing tub, eating bowl, chain, comb, etc. Think of the indispensable personal items that you need daily and incorporate some for your puppy.

The most famous dog accessories are food and grooming items. You can buy them at a pet store. Dog accessories are vital for your dog’s survival and good health.

Food supplement

Dogs are good eaters. Feeding your dog is the most vital part of maintaining their health and energy. Buy dog feeds and supplements for your puppy at the pet’s store and remember to feed them on time.

Some people are used to feed their dogs on crumbs and leftover foods. The dog should have its feed as human food may contain minerals that may not augur well with their digestive system.

Furthermore, feed your dog with cooked food to take care of their health. Eating raw foods makes them susceptible to worms that affect their health.

In addition to that, remember your puppy needs food as often as you do. Do not leave it without food if you are going out or leave it with someone to take care of it.

Grooming your puppy

For you to get cozy with your puppy, it needs to be clean. Wash your puppy daily to keep the pest from infesting it and also to keep your home clean.

Moreover, it would be best to groom your puppy by taking care of its nails, hair, and teeth. If you want your dog to be a good cohabitant in your home, you must be willing to go a long way.

Grooming your dog is essential, especially if you have a baby at home. It is one way of ensuring your baby is not prone to infections if they come into contact with the baby. Remember, babies and puppies are perfect companions.

Puppy training tips

Your puppy needs to get accustomed to living in your home. Train your puppy on how to take instructions and conduct itself around the house, other people, and with babies.

Training a dog includes disciplining it if it misbehaves. Ensure you have a suitable way of teaching your puppy as it gets accustomed to you; at no time should you be cruel to your dog. The sooner your dog learns, the happier and proud you get.

Dog identification tag

Can you identify your puppy if it gets lost? If not, you need to tag it around the neck or chain it in your home until you two get accustomed to each other.

Some people take their dog game a notch higher and tattoo them, or implant microchips on them to track them if they wandered off or got lost.

Exercise your dog and bond with it

just as physical exercises are essential for our health, they are for the puppies too. Go jogging and walks with your puppy. Only ensure you chain it for control. Dogs are good players. As you train them, play with them, it helps you to bond with them.


The intelligence of the dogs is unmatched. The more you bond with your dog, the more pleasure you will get being with them.