Married people know how it is: sometimes you expect your spouse to do dumb things, and sometimes you expect your spouse to pull a prank. Good luck telling the difference. For a couple named Justin Bogh and Kayla Eby, this was doubly true after Kayla sent Justin a picture of a coyote that she passed off as their new dog. To say she really had him going is an understatement.

14. Wife Trickery

Image: Kayla Eby

Taking home an abandoned puppy is cool and pretty much irresistible. That’s why Kayla took a photograph of a coyote and decided to pretend to have found a cute abandoned dog. Trickery ensues, as she had Justin thinking she had endangered their family, the neighborhood, and pretty much the entire world by bringing around a cold-blooded predator. Check out their text story and see how hilarity ensues.

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