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This Man Sees A Horse In Need, And Rushes To The Rescue!

Horses are always seen as majestic animals that can do as they please, with no worries. But in this story, a horse is in a rather serious situation but then a hero arrives and some absolutely unexpected things happen. Keep reading if you want to find out more about this amazing and inspiring story!

20. Romanian Instance!

A common practice in Romania is to join the front or back legs of a horse with chains and render his legs weak and damage his ability to walk! This practice leads us to the start of our story!

19. An Intense Injury!

Ovidiu Rosu, a veterinarian working with Four Paws International saw a horse with these chains, he decided that something must be done about it. However, at first, there was a problem!

18. Scaredy Horse!

At first, the horse was scared as the vet approached it but soon as it realized that Ovidiu was trying to help, it calmed down and Ovidiu was able to begin helping the horse out of the troubling situation!

 17. Cutting Chains!

Ovidiu started to carefully cut off the chain off of the horse’s feet and started to set him free and was able to get the horse free again. Then something amazing happened!

16. A Thank!

As the horse slowly recovered, another horse from the herd walked up to Ovidiu and as a way to show how thankful he was, he touched his nose with Ovidiu! Absolutely adorable! This horse may have been saved but he’s not the only one out there!

15. Romanian Horses!

Horses were first brought to Romania 300-400 years ago by the Tatars and soon they became a common animal in Romania. But as the population of horses grew there was a huge problem!

14.  Life or Death situation!

They decided to kill the horses! This would be horrible and unthinkable and thankfully, Four Paws International stepped in and convinced the authorities to not do this horrible deed. However, this was not the only problem for these beautiful Romanian horses!

13. Mistreatment!

The horses of Romania are regularly mistreated and not taken care of. My heart aches for these beautiful horses which are chained, beaten, hurt and starved. Let’s look at the story of another horse who had it really rough!

12. Meet Robbie!

This is Robbie, a Romanian foal that was found recently having been hit by a car. A Four Paws vet was by his side quickly to provide first aid assistance. Robbie was then taken to a Hungarian Animal Hospital where he underwent surgery. Find out how it went on the next slide!

11. Operation!

Everything went well: Robbie was able to start recovering. The owner of the foal was found and said he was planning to come with Robbie’s mother to feed the recovering foal. Sadly, he never showed up. Then something amazing happened!

10. A New Home!

Robbie was found a new home! A horse-loving woman decided to adopt him and now Robbie shares stables with the three other horses belonging got the owner, Nina, Alma and Amir. Now let’s take a look at other dangerous problems for Romanian horses.

9. Critical Injury!

Many horses in Romania are mistreated to the point that they succumb to the torment and pass away. This is disgusting and just horrible. But thankfully there are some brave people stopping this from happening!

8. Four Paws International!

This amazing organization called Four Paws has been helping and rescuing horses all across Romania and is putting an end to animal cruelty bit by bit. The horse in the picture had a tumor and was treated by Four Paws. Click to see how it turned out!

7. Full Force!

Thankfully, the surgery went very well. After one hour the horse woke up and received some long-lasting antibiotics and painkillers from the vet. As soon as the horse was able to stand up, he returned to his group! There’s even more, however!

6. The Story!

When Four Paws first started their work, the horses of Petra and Jordan were not doing well but since then the Four Paws has been doing their best and now many horses are thriving and living well as they should be! The story continues, however!

5. Job Opportunity!

The horses which have recovered have been made workhorses so that they can live a safe and well-provided life instead of being injured out in the wild! These horses are doing very well and the whole operation became even better when this next thing happened!

4. Saddle Up

New saddles were brought in from the UK that was lighter, cheaper and sturdier and also kept the horses much safer! Now there were less chances for any horse treated by Four Paws to get injured again. However, Four Paws hasn’t just done operations in Petra and Romania!

3. Abuse

Mugur is a 12-year-old horse who has been through a really rough time. His previous owner mistreated him, which led to him suffering deep flexor tendon contractures in his front legs. Four Paws had to do surgery on this poor horse. Click on to see how Mugur’s surgery went!

2. Good or Bad!

Now Mugur is doing well thanks to the amazing surgeons who made sure the surgery went really well! Now we have one final word for all of you!

1. Be Nice!

In the end, we should remember to respect all animals just as if they were humans and never to forget that feel pain just like we all do.

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