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Rihanna’s Met Gala Dress Inspires Hilarious Memes [VIDEO]

Rihanna’s Met Gala Dress Inspires Hilarious Memes [VIDEO]

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The annual Met Costume Gala took place this week and just as expected, Hollywood’s glamour girls brought the drama. An ode to China, the ball boasted a ton of fabulously-dressed stars, some much more scandalous than others. We’re lookin’ at you, Bey! While not quite as impressive as Met Galas of the past, this year’s round-up featured at least a few gems for which fashion lovers can feast their eyes.

While many of the stars in attendance were rocking gowns fit for royalty, not all of them were well-received. Rihanna’s bright yellow concoction inspired a million mocking memes, many of which had us doubled over with laughter. Sorry, not sorry. The gown, created by designer Guo Pei, who is slated to collaborate with MAC Cosmetics, certainly drew attention, though not all like she had hoped.

“Rihanna and her team really wanted to follow this year’s Met Gala theme, so they were looking for a Chinese designer. She first saw it online and then contacted me,” she said.

“She wore it really well, proving that she is Rihanna and the dress was meant for her.”

When asked about the barrage of memes poking fun of the dress’s yellow shade, Pei said, “I think it’s really cute! I’m very happy. This dress is very important — if people find this dress interesting and funny, I think it’s great. Rihanna is wearing this dress for entertainment — not for a fashion show.”



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