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Daughter Tells Her Parents That Her Teacher Needs To Take Buses For Coming To School, But Parent’s Response Was Something Nobody Was Prepared For

Daughter Tells Her Parents That Her Teacher Needs To Take Buses For Coming To School, But Parent’s Response Was Something Nobody Was Prepared For

Teachers are some of the most important figures in a child’s life. Not only do they teach useful skills, they can be a guidance counselor, homework advisor and friend all in one. One parent in Alabama knew that she had to do something special for a teacher in need.

15. Making Ends Meet

Image: Huffington Post

The average teacher pay in Alabama can be around $36k to $50k depending on the district. A teacher named Amanda was struggling to make ends meet on her teacher salary. As a result, she had chosen to forgo a car payment. Instead she relied on the bus.

14. A Hard Commute

Image: Pixabay

Her commute wasn’t pleasant. She had to get up early to catch the bus and often needed to take more than 1 bus to make it to school on time. Still, despite her hardships, she was kind and patient for her students.

13. In the Cold and Rain

Image: Worldstreets

Not only was the commute to school tiresome but so was the commute back home. If she had her own car her commute would be barely an inconvenience. The worst part was when the weather was poor because that mean she would have to stand in the cold, the rain and even the snow at times to catch the bus.

12. Courtney Adeleye

Image: Instagram/Courtney Adeleye

One parent named Courtney Adeleye heard the rumors in the community about Amanda’s lack of transportation. Courtney’s daughter had Amanda as her teacher and when Courtney heard about the situation, she knew this wouldn’t do. She decided to see how she could help.

11. Giving Back

Image: YouTube

Courtney is the CEO and founder of a successful hair care line called The Mane Choice. The brand is sold in multiple stores including Walgreens and Sally Beauty. With so much success, Courtney knew she needed to give back to others so she decided to help Amanda out in a BIG way.

10. Paying Her Back

Image: Wikipedia

Amanda had taught more than 1 of Courtney’s daughters and Courtney wanted to pay her back for the gift of learning she had given the girls. She talked to her husband and the two decided they would reward Amanda with something she’d never expect: a new car.

9. Changing Her Life

Image: Inspire More

Amanda had no idea about the amazing gift she was about to receive. A new car would not only make it easy to go to school but also run errands, get groceries and check on friend and family. Courtney was about to change Amanda’s life.

8. Say No More

Image: YouTube

The gift came naturally to Courtney. “When my husband tells me that the teacher who has been teaching my girls for the last few years has been catching multiple buses to get to and from work every day in the hot sun and cold! He said we should give her something I said… say no more!”

7. The Big Day Comes

Image: YouTube

After stopping at the car dealership, the big day finally arrived. Courtney decided to give Amanda the car when the teacher was at school. Better yet, she had her daughter filming the entire thing.

6. Giving Her Something

Image: YouTube

Courtney teased the gift while the two were inside the school building: “He [my husband] said you were actually catching a bus coming to work,” Courtney told Amanda minutes before handing over the car keys. “And I don’t know, I just felt a little compelled to do something, and we wanted to gift you with something.”

5. Shocked

Image: YouTube

Amanda was shocked. What kind of gift could Courtney mean? She’d soon get her answer when she went outside. There in the parking lot was a big bow atop a new Ford vehicle. But she didn’t know it was for her!

4. The Gesture

Image: YouTube

“Gift me with what?” she asked Courtney. Courtney just smiled and asked Amanda if she wanted to come outside. When she did, Amanda saw the amazing gesture.

3. Getting the Keys

Image: YouTube

Amanda couldn’t believe her eyes and she was stunned when Courtney handed her the keys. “No more sitting in the cold, no more riding the bus, no more waiting on somebody to come and pick me up,” she cried happily.

2. Amanda’s Reaction

Image: YouTube

Courtney was delighted to give the car to Amanda and shared the whole scene on her popular Instagram. Reacting, Amanda said: “Wow… So wow! I feel blessed, I feel excited. I feel… I don’t know how I feel yet, I think I’m still kind of nervous, and excited and anxious and I don’t even know! Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

1. An Amazing Gift

Image: YouTube

Not only did Amanda receive a car, but it was completely paid-off for her as well. Courtney had taken care of the whole thing and Amanda didn’t have to worry about asking for a ride or taking the bus again.


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