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Teen Finds A Wallet Loaded With $1,500 In Cash, Just Look At What He Does Next

Teen Finds A Wallet Loaded With $1,500 In Cash, Just Look At What He Does Next

What would you do if you found a wallet with $1,500 cash in it? Would you take the cash and return the wallet? Simply take the cash, or return the wallet to its owner? For one teen, the answer to this question was a no-brainer: you do the right thing.

14. The Panic of Losing a Wallet

Image: CBS 13

If you’ve ever lost your wallet than you understand the panic that you feel when you realize your wallet – and with it your cash, credit cards, and identity documents – are probably in the hands of thieves. Most of the time, your wallet is gone for good and your only hope is that you cancel your cards before you wind up with mountains of debt. But sometimes these stories do have happy endings.

13. Lost Wallet

Melissa Vang’s husband knows those feelings all too well. He was on his way to work one day when he apparently dropped his wallet in the driveway. The wallet had his driver’s license, credit cards and $1,500 in cash. The man had been carrying it in his back pocket.

12. Preparing for a Feast

Image: CBS 13

Although $1,500 is a lot of money to carry around, the reason Mr. Vang had all that cash was because they were preparing for a special occasion. “With that cash, we were planning to go shopping with it for a feast that we had yesterday,” Melissa explained.

11, No Clue It Was Gone

Image: CBS 13

However, without her knowledge, he dropped his wallet. “But I had no clue he had dropped his wallet or how much cash he had carried and stuck in there.” Mr. Vang had yet to realize that he dropped his wallet when someone came upon it and picked it up.

10. Helpful Teen

Image: CBS 13

Luckily for the Vang family, Tyler Opdyke was the one who came across the wallet. This 18 year old was distributing flyers in the Elk Grove neighborhood to help his uncle promote his business. The uncle’s company was a Strike Zone pest control business, and Tyler wanted to help drum up more business.

9. In the Driveway

Image: CBS 13

Tyler was walking through the neighborhood when he saw the wallet in the driveway of the Vang home. Tyler picked it up and looked inside to see whom it belonged to. Then he couldn’t help but notice that the wallet was flush with more cash than he had ever seen in his life.

8. Do the Right Thing

Image: CBS 13

Tyler immediately thought about doing the right thing. “I just really thought about what I would want someone to do if I were to drop my wallet,” he said. There was no doubt about what he would do. “And then I thought about the house.” Tyler was trying to figure out if the people who lived there also owned the wallet.

7. Security Camera

Image: CBS 13

“I thought about the family who lived there,” Tyler remembered. Then he knew just what to do. He knocked on the front door. Melissa was home, but she rarely opens the door to strangers. She waited until he left and then went to her security camera and watched the footage.

6. Stunning Video

Image: CBS 13

Melissa was stunned. She saw Tyler knock and then wait for a few minutes. Then, noticing the security camera, he turned to the camera and held up the wallet so that whoever was watching saw that he had found it.

5. Leaving It on the Doormat

Image: CBS 13

After a few minutes, Tyler placed the wallet on the doormat. Even after he left the wallet, he was concerned that someone else might have picked it up before the family realized it was outside. That’s why Tyler went back later to make sure they found the wallet.

4. An Explanation

Image: CBS 13

“I went back to see if the money was still there because if it was, I was going to keep knocking,” Tyler said. “That’s when Melissa and her two girls came out and we hugged.” Melissa couldn’t believe how honest Tyler had been in returning the wallet.

3. Social Media

Tyler Opdyke

Melissa was so impressed by the young man that she went to social media to share her story with everyone. “God bless this young man’s heart,” she wrote. “My husband dropped his wallet (with hundreds of dollars and all his credit cards) in our driveway, and this gentleman picked it up and left it at our doorstep after waiting for a few minutes because I wouldn’t answer the door (for strangers).”

2. Positive News

Tyler Opdyke

As Melissa points out, “We hear so many terrible news and barely any good. I think we all need to be reminded that there are still good people out there.” As for Tyler, he doesn’t think he did anything special.

1. Reward

Image: Hudl

“It’s just surreal,” the teen said afterward. “This is a dream right now. I’m getting so much exposure over something everybody should do.” The Vangs gave Tyler a $150 reward for finding and returning the wallet.


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