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Mom Gets Odd Feeling About Future Son-In-Law, Checks Old Photos And Reveals A Secret That Leaves Her Daughter Stunned

Mom Gets Odd Feeling About Future Son-In-Law, Checks Old Photos And Reveals A Secret That Leaves Her Daughter Stunned

“It must be fate.” How many romantic comedies have you watched where the protagonists, after meeting cute, having doubts, overcoming challenges, and then find their way back to each other, then declare that their love was meant to be? It is an old Hollywood trope dating back decades, but it is rooted in a belief in romance and the true stories of people whose love seems destined after all. Heidi Parker and Ed Savitt have a story that seems like it is ripped from the headlines of a Hollywood rom com. Read on for details about their incredible love story!

14. College Sweethearts

Image: Heidi Savitt

Parker and Savitt had been college sweethearts for four years before they decided to get their families together for a meet and greet. The couple planned a dinner party in southwest London, Wandsworth to be exact. They invited Ed’s mother Fiona and Heidi’s mother Kay to join them. They hoped that their mothers would get along swimmingly, because they were planning on spending the rest of their lives together. The way the evening turned out would shock everyone to their core.

13. Help!

Image: Heidi Savitt

Ed and Heidi met in 2011 at Newcastle University. Heidi majored in Economics and Management. Ed studied Business and Psychology. They always believed that their first meeting happened because they had once lived in the same house. Heidi had lived in a student house and then vacated it. The next tenant? Ed. After a few days of being confused by how to work the drying machine, Ed got Heidi’s number and called for help.

12. Laundry Tips

Image: Heidi Savitt

The two met up and Heidi shared her tips for successfully drying clothes. Ed was instantly smitten. He wanted much more from Heidi than just laundry tips. He asked her on a date. They were inseparable right away. “We knew we were going to be together forever,” Heidi said. They fit together like peas and carrots and after four years of dating, they were closer than ever. They were thinking about marriage, so they were pleased to find their mothers getting along quite well.

11. Sailing

Image: Kay Parker

But the dinner had more surprises in store for them. Fiona and Kay had lots in common, they both had several children and many hobbies. The most significant similarity was when they started to share their love of sailing. It turns out both families loved to go on sailing holidays, which are a common pastime for British families who seek out the Mediterranean during the winter.

10. A Memorable Holiday

Image: Facebook

Kay started to recall the best vacations she took when her children were young. One story in particular struck everyone at the table as odd, but at first they didn’t know why. When Heidi was six years old, the family took a two-week holiday in Gumbet, Turkey. Kay remembered Heidi making friends with a six-year old boy and how they two had quickly become “boyfriend and girlfriend.” The two were inseparable for the entire holiday, holding hands nearly the entire time.

9. A Puzzling Story

Image: Heidi Savitt

Finoa was enraptured by the story, especially when Kay said that the little boy who was the “holiday boyfriend” was also been named Ed. She broke her wine glass in shock, though she didn’t know why quite yet. The conversation drifted to other topics, but the story stuck with Kay and Fiona for days afterward. Kay in particular kept thinking about it, and finally felt she needed to seek some answers.

8. An Attic Secret

Image: Heidi Savitt

Two weeks later, Kay decided impulsively to clean out her attic. This entailed taking old boxes out of the storage space and sorting through her old possessions. Lurking at the bottom of one of the boxes was a dusty photo album. Opening it up, Kay soon saw that the photographs were from the family’s holidays from 20 years before. And it was there that she found the answer to the unasked question that came up during the dinner party. Who was the little boy named Ed?

7. Photos Hold the Key

Image: Heidi Parker

Photos of the family trip to Gumbet in July of 1997 started to stimulate Kay’s memory. She remembered the lovely holiday and how happy her daughter had been. Then she found it – a photo of Heidi as a six-year old, standing next to a blonde little boy with a cute grin. This was Heidi’s old “holiday boyfriend” and Kay recognized him immediately. It was Ed Savitt.

6. Chilling Revelation

Image: Heidi Parker

Kay got chills when she took in the details of the photograph. She knew everything instantly – the story of how they met, how the reconnected, and how they would eventually marry. “I was screaming, it was just unreal,” she said. Heidi and Ed had known each other since they were six years old. They may have met again at college, but they had imprinted on each other’s lives.  Kay quickly texted the photo to Fiona, who completely floored when she saw it.

5. Minds Blown

Image: Heidi Parker

“When Kay sent me the photo of a little boy called Ed I shrieked, ‘oh my goodness, that’s Ed!’ It was unbelievable,” remembered Fiona. Kay dug through the boxes and found many other pictures of them as children. They shared the pictures with both families, including their daughter and son, of course. Heidi said the notion that she had met Ed at age six changed her life forever.

“It absolutely blows my mind that we could have never found out that we first knew each other all those years ago. I didn’t believe in fate before finding that out but there’s no arguing with it – we’re clearly destined to be together!”

A woman who doesn’t believe in fate suddenly changes her entire belief system – it sounds like a movie written by Nora Ephron.

4. Subconscious Recognition

Image: Heidi Savitt

Kay felt like this proved that “they just had a subconscious realization they had shared that time together when they met as adults.” However it happened, Heidi and Ed were delighted with the discovery. It just solidified their plans to take their relationship the distance. And last summer, they took a leap.

3. The Happy Couple

Image: Heidi Savitt

Ed and Heidi married in August at a house in Derbyshire dating all the way back to the 12th century – fitting for a couple with quite a history of their own. The reception included hundreds of guests from both sides of the family. It was held at Shiningford Farm, where guests danced under the lights and enjoyed a lively pool party the next day. The couple hope to have a long life together.

2. Best Friends

Image: Heidi Parker

As for their families, Jonathan and Fiona Savitt are now best of friends with Kay and Keith Parker, justa s they were decades before when they met in Turkey. The two sets of parents go on holidays together again. Ed has three siblings (Emma, Maddy and Mat), while Heidi has two sisters (Hannah and Olivia). All of the siblings have become acquainted and have become very close. As Kay points out,  “It was not just Heidi and Ed who met on that holiday but all of us as well.”

1. Fate Takes a Hand

Image: Heidi Savitt

The Savitts and the Parkers are living proof that fate sometimes takes a hand. It would not be a shock for their story to become the outline for a successful rom com in the near future. What about you, readers? How many of you have experienced strange coincidences and chance meetings that led you to your future spouse?


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