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20 Astonishing Facts About Famous Logos You Didn’t Know

20 Astonishing Facts About Famous Logos You Didn’t Know

Not a single day passes and we get to see various logos of companies around us. But haven’t we all wondered at some point about the meaning or the origin behind the famous brands?

We found 20 secrets of famous brands and their logos that will surely amaze you! Wait until you see the hidden secrets behind #15 and #7!

20. Metro Goldwin Mayer

You might have seen this picture online several times, but this is not how the Metro Goldwin Mayer logo was created. The MGM used 7 lions that were trained to roar when they were said to. This picture is of a lion entering an MRI scan!

19. Ferarri

The Ferrari logo does not represent horsepower. Enzo Ferrari saw a horse silhouette painted on Francesco Baracca’s plane. After Francesco won the race, his mother gave Enzo the emblem, which became the symbol we all know today. You won’t believe what the Coca-Cola logo hides between the letters!

18. Coca-Cola

This is not about how Coca-Cola logo was invented; it’s more of a self-discovery. Coca-Cola realized that the ‘o’ in Cola looked like the Danish flag, so they also made some Danish flags people could get from a Coca-Cola banner – it all happened in Denmark’s biggest airport. But what about their biggest competitor, Pepsi?

17. Pepsi

For the Mexican All Saints Day, Day of the Dead, Pepsi released an inverted logo that most people didn’t seem to understand. But some people connected this inverted logo with what it seemed to say ‘isded’, as in ‘is dead’. Check out the next photo to see what the Apple logo means!

16. Apple

It was thought that the Apple logo came as a dedication to Alan Turing, who bit into a poisoned apple and died. But the designer had a much direct and practical approach. He wanted to add a bite into the apple, to show the real dimensions of the fruit, so people wouldn’t confuse it with another round fruit. Pretty interesting, right? But the Wikipedia logo is even better!

15. Wikipedia

The whole logo is a symbol of the Earth, pictured as a puzzle. Each piece has a letter from a lot of languages, all forming the word ‘Wikipedia’. The missing pieces of the puzzle indicate that this encyclopedia is updated and will never be finished. Guess what famous brand found inspiration in a toilet sign?

14. Android

The designers were said to make a logo with a robot that can be easy to recognize, so the team got their inspiration from the symbols on public bathroom doors. The next logo looks like woman’s breasts, but why?

13. McDonald’s

The idea behind the ‘M’ logo was already in the restaurants since 1950, but they had a different logo. McDonald’s hired a psychologist, Louis Cheskin, who suggested they use the golden arches of ‘M’. The reason behind this is that it would resemble a woman’s breasts, and should arouse appetite.

12. Lacoste

René Lacoste and Alan Moore went past a store that had a crocodile skin suitcase and they made a bet for the next game of tennis. Whoever won it, would receive the suitcase from the loser. René lost the game, but a journalist mentioned in the newspaper about him fighting like a crocodile. Lacoste’s nickname stuck and his company received the famous logo. Do you know what the colors of the BMW logo mean? We had no idea!

11. BMW

Although many company employees believe that the logo stands for an airplane propeller, it looks like the logo represents the colors of Bavaria. Stay tuned for #5 to see why the Amazon logo is the best one from our list!

10. Uber

There is a new Uber logo that is meant to look like some ‘bits and atoms’, representing the cars that are found everywhere, just like bits and atoms. But the Pinterest logo is even cooler!

9. Pinterest

Although the logo seems simple, the first letter looks like a pin. And this is exactly what Pinterest does: it pins pictures to an online ‘wall’.

8. Nike

The owner of the Nike Company, Phil Knight, paid student Carolyn Davidson to create a logo for his brand. She received $35 for it and Phil Knight wasn’t even happy with the result. Today the logo is successful and it is associated with the wing of Nike, who was the goddess of victory. But what lays behind the Starbucks logo?

7. Starbucks

The logo represents a mermaid holding her two tail fins, inspired by the tale of fairy Melusin, who married a mortal man. Her image was used on coffee cups in its entire form, but it got censored later on.

6. Pepsi

The second story of Pepsi logo is how it all started. It cost the company $1 million! It was created using the golden ratio, to be harmonious and pleasing to the eye.

5. Amazon

The yellow arrow doesn’t just symbolize a smiley face, it also shows that the online shopping store sells products from ‘a’ to ‘z’.

4. Toyota

The logo has been the same since 1990, representing the whole name through its overlapping rings. These rings also mean that the hearts of Toyota customers and all the Toyota products are united into one ring. Toblerone‘s logo is even more complicated…

3. Toblerone

The logo features a mountain which stands for the Matterhorn Mountain in Switzerland. Inside the mountain, there is a bear, which means that the chocolate is created in the ‘City of Bears’ and that it contains the unique honey flavor – loved by the bears.

2. FedEx

The logo has a hidden gem inside the simple text: between the ‘E’ and the ‘x’ there is an arrow which shows that the shipping company is fast and precise, moving forward like the arrow.

1. Carrefour

Carrefour means ‘crossroads’ in French. The logo has two arrows to the left and right and between them the white space creates the letter ‘C’ – which is the initial of the brand name.


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