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Officers Shocked After Discovering A Bizarre Creature Resembling A Folklore Myth

Officers Shocked After Discovering A Bizarre Creature Resembling A Folklore Myth
Bizarre Creature Believed to be a Werewolf Allegedly Discovered in Malaysia, Shocking Images of a Baby Werewolf Emerge Online, Malaysian Authorities Discover The Body of a Werewolf, The Images Will Leave You Terrified, Bizzare Video Footage of a Dead Werewolf Like Creature Emerge On The Internet, Restricted Content - These Images of a Possible Rare Werewolf Sighting May Leave You Speechless.

Werewolves are a well-known entity; we have seen hundreds of movies that depict the human-wolf hybrid in all its glory. Take Van Helsing as a great example, who himself was half human. However, when police officers in Malaysia discovered a baby creature that resembled something inhuman, the entire internet was taken up by a storm.

20. Could It Be a Baby Werewolf?


A set of pictures recently went online on the internet. Within a matter of hours, they got viral – so much so that their authenticity had to be verified. People called it a dead werewolf baby with unknown whereabouts. How it was discovered in the first place will totally blow you away

19. Officers Get an Anonymous Tip about a “Weird” Looking Human Baby


Officers in Malaysia received a call from someone who wasn’t willing to reveal his identity. As it turns out, the tip was about a bizarre creature that looked like a cat or a werewolf.

18. Is It Real?


According to the Malaysian authorities, officers receive hundreds of random calls which usually turn out to be a hoax. However, this time, the news seemed authentic. The baby werewolf was found dead by someone in the Pahang area of Western Malaysia.

17. Baby Werewolf’s Dead Body Baffles the World


Some of the close angle snapshots reveal the dead creature with small fangs protruding out of its mouth. The sharp claws and a tuft of dark hair are clear signs of the “baby’s” resemblance to a lethal being – had it lived to full maturity.

16. Officers Create and Upload a Video of the Baby Werewolf


According to Malaysian State Police Chief: Datuk Rosli Abdul Rehman, one of the investigating officers picked up the baby werewolf in his hands and created a video. You can look up the video on the internet, but these images clearly show that the body was twisted and turned over a few times for closer inspection.

15. Held at a Laboratory for Further Examination


Soon after the dead creature was found, the Malaysian police authorities turned it over to a laboratory at an unknown location. As a matter of fact, during the first few days of the investigation, police officers completely denied any or such discovery of the dead baby werewolf.

14. Waiting for Enough Scientific Material for Confirmation


Speculations concerning the alleged werewolf discovery suggested that had the creature lived until full maturity, it would have resembled something similar to the image above. However, this photo is just an artist’s imagination of how the monstrosity would have looked like if it was indeed real or alive to this date.

13. The Animal Continues to Stun The Internet


Even in death, the “infant werewolf’s” body drew enough attention from media, online visitors and locals who poured in from Pahang’s neighboring vicinity to question the creature’s authenticity.

12. Malaysian Chief of Police Breaks His Silence


According to Datuk Rosli Abdul Rehman, the photographs of this inhuman baby seemed to be true and authentic. Even the first responders and the on-site police officers who held up the body for closer inspection said that the werewolf’s body appeared to have sufficient weight ideally equal to that of a human infant’s.

11. “I Hope the Public Will Stop Circulating News about The Alleged Discovery”


Datuk Rosli eventually discredited all the information concerning the dead werewolf sighting as “untrue” and a hoax. No further comments were made, but the Chief of Malaysian Police said, “Checks revealed that the images were downloaded from the internet before they were shared on social media.” He further continued, “I hope that the public will stop circulating news about the alleged discovery because it is not true at all.”

10. Social Media Account Owner Has a Different Story to Share


These images were first uploaded by Samiraa Aissa at different social media platforms. Aissa has already built a reputation for reporting the bizarre and occult things from all over the world. The above photograph was also one of many shared by the uploader to report a strange humanoid goat discovery.

9. More Photographs Emerge Online


When she posted the were-child images, she said that they were hundred percent real. In addition, Aissa’s account states that the nose of the creature resembles that of a human, but it also looks like a wolf’s snout.

8. Internet “experts” Have Their Own Opinion


We all know that the internet has all kinds of “experts” available to comment on literally any topic. Some say that the baby werewolf images and videos were work of computer graphics. Others suggested that the images were authentic, but they were of a silicone toy that was made to look real. Silicon or no silicon, the level of detail on this creature are indeed spine-chilling.

7. Silicon Craftsmanship Inspired Many Others Too

Google Images

Silicon made objects and dolls have become very popular on the internet these days. Some time ago, these images of Avatar movie inspired creatures also garnered a cult-like following for all sorts of reasons. People knew that these Avatar movie aliens were a work of a doll maker. What really impressed them was the attention to details.

6. The Werewolf Creature was Just the Beginning of Something Mysterious

Google Images

As it turns out, there are hundreds of silicone made specimens from various real-life artists. Most of these “creatures” look real and life like. Some people say that only by touch, you can actually feel the difference. The alleged photograph of ‘The Burrower’ on the next page will continue to haunt you in your dreams…

5. The Burrower Shocks the Entire World


Rumor has it that when The Burrower’s photo was reported online, it was discovered in the same exact position. Either it is trying to dig its way out, or something underground is pulling The Burrower to its doom.

4. Silicone Made Objects Have Become a Fascination for Everyone


At first glance, viewers are tricked into believing that this baby is peacefully snoring. However, it is a handmade doll, made to perfection by a European artist. Apparently, he was impressed by the characters in the Avatar movie, which inspired him to create some of his own.

3. Patricia Paccinini’s Super Real Silicone Creatures


Patricia Piccinini is an Australian artist who works in a variety of media. However sculptors are something that she’s mostly renowned for all around the world. Some of her handmade creations are not only terrifying, but also take perfection to a whole new level.

2. Don’t Worry, No Pigs or Humans Were Harmed


The fact that the creature in the above photo is ready Franz Kafka is the tell here. Ironic as it may seem, but it’s not a real life photograph. The subject was one of the marvelous handmade silicone creatures from Patricia’s personal collection.

1. Matter of Perspective


Hoax or no hoax, eventually it falls down on our perspective. While it is true that some of the photographs as we have seen today are notorious for their authenticity, there is clear evidence of alternate life forces on Earth. The origin of some images is indeed unanswered to this date. If you are up for the challenge, feel free to browse around on the internet. The research that’ll come up, may leave you dumbfounded.


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