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You Won’t Believe How Brutal Revenge Can Be
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People often say that the best revenge you can take is to simply move on. But forgiving and forgetting doesn’t appear to be a cool and the best move to everyone. There are some people who feel that no matter what it takes, things should be made even and the party in question just needs to be subjected to justice. Unfortunately, sometimes the feeling of vengeance takes the payback way too far. Here are 20 such instances that can be looked back upon as the most brutal revenge ever taken.

Story no 18 might sound to be pure luck, story 16 surely left a mark but story 6 shows what real determination is!

With a man raping over 200 women to some mastermind tactics to bring down an entire empire, we have every possible brutality covered in our list.

20) You just don’t mess with Gengis Khan

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Gengis Khan, one of the biggest badasses of history, once sent a trade caravan to the Khwarezmid empire as a sign of good will. The governor, Inalchuq of Otrar, didn’t took it well and massacred it.

You know what Gengis Khan did?

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The fierce Mongol Emperor invaded the Khwarezmid empire with 200,000 men and destroyed it completed. He even poured molten silver in the eyes and mouth of the Governor Inalchuq. To take the revenge to the next level, Gengis Khan even diverted the flow of a river through Khwarezmid Emperor’s birthplace to erase it completely from the map.

Gengis Khan was already the man in power but the next revenge story is about a man fighting all the odds to rise to prominence.

19) From a cobbler, to imprisonment, to return as a millionaire, Pierre Picaud’s incredible comeback!

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Pierre Picaud, a French cobbler, was living his life steadily with his hot and wealthy French girlfriend. His three friends Loupian, Solari and Chaubar were jealous of him and when Picaud eventually proposed his girlfriend they seized the moment away from him. They tied Picaud naked to a lamp post and falsely accused him of being an English spy. Picaud was arrested and imprisoned for 7 years and one of his friend Loupian even took away his ex-fiance.

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The comeback? During his imprisonment, Picaud’s cellmate turned out to be a millionaire who handed over all his wealth before dying to Picaud. Then Pierre Picaud used all the newly acquired wealth to silently trick and kill all his friends leaving no evidence.

A noteworthy reference is how Picaud took his revenge from Loupian who had his hands on his ex-fiance. Picaud first tricked Loupian’s daughter to marry a criminal , who killed the poor girl. Pierre then completely destroyed Loupian’s business and had his son arrested. To finish things, he stabbed the already dead Loupian with his own hands.

18) Leap of Faith

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A woman from Prague was deeply saddened by unfaithful behavior of his husband. She had it enough and decided to give up on life because of his husband’s infidelity. She jumped off from her third story balcony but life had some other plans for her.

She landed right on top of her husband. The cushioning of her husband, killed him in the process, but she survived!

This was fortunate but the next story was a planned attack by the masses.

17) Spamming the Spam King

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Alan Ralsky, known as the “spam king”, was a convicted fraudster and spammer who used to send millions of bulk e-mails for a variety of businesses.

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In a bid for revenge for all of the spam e-mails, People managed to track down Alan’s physical address and gave him a taste of his own medicine. His house was flooded with hundreds of pounds of mail daily!

Next Story? Not leaving junk at home but marks on body!

16) Katie’s Revenge

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Anthony Stockelman molested and murdered a young Indiana girl named Katie. He was arrested and sent to prison. Coincidentally, one of Katie’s relative was in the same prison. To make amends, he got hold of Stockelman one night and permanently tattooed  “Katie’s Revenge” on his forehead.

15) Trung Sisters’ Kung Fu Defiance

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During the Chinese rule in a small village in Vietnam, Trung Trac and Trung Nhi were just two simple living sisters. The Chinese used a no nonsense policy in ruling Vietnam. Trung Trac’s husband tried to raise his voice but was brutally executed by the rulers. They even went on to rape his wife Trung Trac.

Trac and her sister Nhi were trained in martial arts during their childhood, They felt like it was enough to get the sweet taste of revenge. The sisters started a Kung Fu revolution in which more than 80,000 women joined to fight against the Chinese rulers. Kung Fu skills brought them success and they threw the Chinese completely out of Vietnam.

If you find this story as inspirational, the next one is super insane. But one thing is for sure, h*** hath no fury like a woman scorned.

14) Story of “John Wayne Bobbitt: Uncut.”

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You must have heard about the famous John and Lorena Bobbitt case? Well, Lorena Bobbitt claimed to be “unsatisfied” with his husband’s performance in the bed (later she accused him for raping her). So one night when John Bobbitt was asleep, Lorena cut off his manly tool with a knife, drove it in her car and threw it in a field.

What happened next? Lorena was ruled insane and imprisoned for this cruel act of violence. You really want to know what happened with John right? His tool was attached back after a 9 hours successful surgery and he proceeded on to star in adult films with the name “John Wayne Bobbitt: Uncut”.

13) Princess Olga, the saint who buried people alive and burned down a whole city

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In the 10th century, Princess Olga was married to Prince Igor of Kiev. The neighboring Drevlians, killed her husband Igor. Just because her son was too young to rule the kingdom of Kiev, Olga took over the throne.

What came next? The most destructive revenge ever!

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The Drevlians, in a bid to pushover Olga,  sent suitors and a marriage proposal to her. Olga welcomed the visitors just to bury all of them alive.

She passed on the message to the Drevlians that she has accepted the proposal and they can start preparing for the wedding. During the marriage ceremony, she locked in all the Drevlians and set the whole building on fire.

Later, she reported this as an accident and invited more foolish Drevlians to the funeral of their men. She again killed all 5000 of them.

Media Source:

Olga still wasn’t done, and planned a big move. After an unsuccessful attempt of war, Olga offered a fake gesture of peace. She announced if every house of the Drevlians would fly a pigeon to her city, she would forgive them. Drevilians accepted it and got tricked badly. On the same night, while the city slept, Olga tied hot coals to feet of all the pigeons and sent them all home. The whole city was burnt overnight. She then killed or enslaved all the ones who escaped the fire.

12) The St Bartholomew’s Day Massacre

Media Source:

During the French Wars of Religion, there was a wave of Catholic mob violence against the Huguenots. Protestantism was in rise and there was pressure on the nobles to mark it down. The French King Charles IX went on to massacre 100,000 people just because they converted to Protestantism. This sad event was named as “The St Bartholomew’s Day Massacre” and marked as a turning point in the French Wars of Religion.

11) Boudicca taking down a big chunk of Rome

Media Source:

When the Celtic King Prasutagus died, Romans tried to take over. The Romans whipped and raped Queen Boudicca and her daughters. This led to destruction of the Italians on a really massive scale at the hands of Boudicca and the Celtic warriors.

About Boudicca, she needed no surgery to look intimidate. Boudicca as described by the Romans, “tall and terrible, with a great mass of red hair to her hips… she carried a spear to instill terror in all who saw her.” Celts are one of the most terrifying civilizations and messing with time wasn’t a good move by the Romans.

Boudicca destroyed 3 Roman cities, burned down Roman London and massacred more than 80,000 Romans. It took 3 Roman legions to stop the destructive Irish force. The Romans definitely learnt a lesson and a new word, vengeance.

Half-way down the list, you must be feeling how brutal a revenge can be. Keep reading and explore more brutal and crazier revenge stories. 

10) Do-Call Lists

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Who doesn’t hate spam calls? Lee Beaumont, a British man, was so fed up with these cold-calls and took a brilliant move against it. He set up his own premium rate number, which earned him £7 pounds for every minute spent on call. Then he guided all these spammers to call him at his new premium number instead. The revenue generated through this skyrocketed insanely when his setup made it to many do-call lists.

This was revenge taken in a constructive manner, but the story on the next slide will define what destruction really is!

9) The Lioness of Brittany

Media Source:

Jeanne de Clisson’s husband Oliver was beheaded by the French authorities over doubts of him linking up well with the British. This came up as a very cruel move as the loyal Oliver gave his all to France in defending Brittany from the British. His wife Jeanne de Clisson couldn’t bear this and felt the unstoppable desire of vengeance. She sold all her land and bought 3 black ships and funded a whole pirate army. She destroyed all the French ships she could in 13 years and beheaded the nobels herself with an axe getting the title “The Lioness of Brittany”.

Pirate stories sounds like a movie plot right? The next story is completely an action movie itself.

 8) Real Life “Django Unchained”

Media Source:

Alec Turner was born as a slave on a tobacco plantation. Alec made friends with the tobacco plantation owner’s daughter. She taught Alec to read and write.

Good things soon come to an end, the owner got to know about this friendship and Alec was brutally whipped.

Alec somehow managed to escape the plantation and joined the Union Army to fight slavery. He revisited the plantation, killed the fellow slave who acted as taskmaster, just like Quentin Tarantino’s “Django Unchained.”

7) Political Revenge

Media Source:

The Texas Politician, Charlie Wilson’s dog was killed by his neighbour Hazard who was another politician. Hazard cruelly mixed crushed glass into the dog’s food. Charlie remembered this incident and many years down the line when Hazard was running for city council, he decided it is the right moment to take the revenge. Charlie Wilson drove 96 poor people to vote against Hazard costing him the election. Charlie labelled this as “the day he fell in love with America.”

Up Next? A blind man taking down the empire that made him blind.

6) Blinded Enrico Dandolo taking down Constantinople

Media Source:

Enrico Dandolo, the 42nd Doge of Venice, was blinded by the Byzantines during an expedition to the empire.

With Venice being the major financial force, Dandolo decided to exact his revenge upon the Byzantine Empire. The blind man managed to hit a deadly blow on Constantinople, killing up to 15,000 Byzantines, destroying priceless artworks and holy sanctuaries. He then established the Catholic state named “The Latin Empire”.

The Byzantine Empire never came back strong and a blind man got his revenge after losing his sight in Constantinople.

5) An Indian s** offender was murdered by 200 women he reportedly raped.

Media Source:

Over a 10-year period, Akku Yadav reportedly raped more than 200 women. When he was standing for trial in a court at Kasturba Nagar, India, A mob of his 200 victims barged in the court.  Yadav was stabbed more than 70 times during a 15-minute assault, stones and chilli powder were thrown at him, one of the women even cut his manly tool with a vegetable knife.

He deserved this brutal death.

4) Ex-wife pays $50.12 in pennies for divorce settlement

Media Source:

Along with this, there was a priceless letter, “Andy, Here’s forty seven dollars and twelve cents in pennies, The other three dollars paid for the containers that I used. Receipt is included if you want to return them… I hope you have a fab life! B/C I know mine’s 20X better without you in it! Thank you!

3)Sheriff Buford Pusser

Media Source:

Buford Pusser was the sheriff of McNairy, and had made a lot of enemies because of his good work. The State Mafia robbed a local restaurant and killed one of Buford’s friends.

Pusser went on a killing spree and assassinated several members of the Mafia, including the wife of their leader, Carl “Towhead” White.  The Mafia in turn murdered Pusser’s wife.

Pusser had nothing to lose, He hired a hitman to take out Towhead White. He then personally murdered the rest of his wife’s killers.

After this Pusser returned to his original job and no investigation was carried out on all his murders.

2) The revenge of a vigilante’s son

Media Source:

Frank Eaton’s father was a vigilante and was killed by former-confederate vigilantes who did not like him.

Mose Beaman, a friend of Eaton’s father, was completely devastated by this news and blasted on young Frank, “May an old man’s curse fall upon you, if you don’t avenge your father.” Beaman then taught Frank how to shoot and made him join military training.

Frank beat every trained soldier in the camp and just at 20 years old became one of the youngest marshals in history. Frank now armed with a badge, returned to kill five of the murderers who shot his father. The sixth escaped Frank’s wrath, by killing himself before Frank could kill him.

1) Giant Middle Finger for Ex-wife

Media Source:

The strip club owner Alan Markovitz was so pissed off that he bought the house next door to his ex-wife’s home. To take a dig at her (really big one), He erected a 12-foot middle finger sculpture in his backyard that can be clearly seen from his ex-wife’s windows.

He even had spotlights on it during night!

Media Source:

A really cool revenge that can p*** off anybody to end our list!



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