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Travel Hack #3 Make Your Own Organized Multi-Gadget Travel Charger

Traveling with gadgets is a gift and a curse at the same time. While they could help you be productive and keep you entertained on the road, they could be a terrible pain to bring around.

Unruly cables and empty batteries are the worst culprits that easily spoil your trip, especially if you’re toting a bunch of gadgets all at once. Packing them could be a nuisance, but the real challenge lies when you have to actually take them out to charge your juiceless buddies during the trip.

But Lifehacker Adam Dachis has come up with a brilliant solution for this problem encountered by most savvy 21st century travelers. He assembled an all-in-one portable multi-gadget cable manager and battery charger using a smart array of items: a grid organizer, USB power hub, cable shorteners, and a portable external battery pack.

See how he did it

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How do you deal with charging your devices while traveling?

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