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“Haunted House”, a Spooky Art Gallery for Kids in Tokyo, Japan

In what you thought was just an ordinary art gallery, things start to get weird. Eyes peer at you from the frames, a painting’s head starts to spin, a face seems to peer at your from the opposite side of the frame—and did a hand just appear out of nowhere and steal Mona Lisa’s nose?

Don’t freak out! The Tokyo Museum of Contemporary Art is not haunted — it’s just kids playing at you. A hidden passageway spills the secret: behind these paintings is a surprise room that allows them to manipulate the paintings and scare the grown-ups out of their wits.

A concept by Torafu Architects, “Haunted House” merges art museum with a child’s playhouse in an effort to make art appreciation more interesting for youngsters. In “Haunted House”, kids can run around, touch the paintings, and make noise in an art gallery, where these behaviors are often prohibited.

The best part: adults can play too!

The Tokyo Museum of Contemporary Art

torafu-haunted-house-MOT-art-photo-Fuminari-Yoshitsugu-yatzer-2 torafu-haunted-house-MOT-art-photo-Fuminari-Yoshitsugu-yatzer-5 torafu-haunted-house-MOT-art-photo-Fuminari-Yoshitsugu-yatzer-6 torafu-haunted-house-MOT-art-photo-Fuminari-Yoshitsugu-yatzer-7 torafu-haunted-house-MOT-art-photo-Fuminari-Yoshitsugu-yatzer-8


torafu-haunted-house-MOT-art-photo-Fuminari-Yoshitsugu-yatzer-9 torafu-haunted-house-MOT-art-photo-Fuminari-Yoshitsugu-yatzer-10 torafu-haunted-house-MOT-art-photo-Fuminari-Yoshitsugu-yatzer-11 torafu-haunted-house-MOT-art-photo-Fuminari-Yoshitsugu-yatzer-12 torafu-haunted-house-MOT-art-photo-Fuminari-Yoshitsugu-yatzer-14 torafu-haunted-house-MOT-art-photo-Fuminari-Yoshitsugu-yatzer-15 torafu-haunted-house-MOT-art-photo-Fuminari-Yoshitsugu-yatzer-16 torafu-haunted-house-MOT-art-photo-Fuminari-Yoshitsugu-yatzer-18

Photos by Fuminari Yoshitsugu

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