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The Austrian Pastries : So much delightful !

“Guten Appetit”. This is an Austrian greeting word which the Austrians normally say to each other during the midday when it is lunch time. The Austrians enjoy their meal and enjoying the lunch is a long running affair for the Austrians. We can see lots of diversification in the typical Austrian cuisine as we can see the influence of Hungarian and Italian food in it also. Austria is basically a beer and a wine drinking country. Likewise the Austrian champagne and other distilled liquors are also very famous throughout Europe. Food becomes so important as most of the Austrians love to make gossips and talks with each other on dining tables.

The delightful Austrian pastries !

One of the specialties from the Austrian cuisine is the bakery food items. The luscious and toothsome taste of fruit tarts, cakes, pastries, chocolate mousses and cookies is just awesome. The flavors of the fantastic Austrian bakery items and pastries remind the classical European zest and one of the prime desires of the visitors to Austria, specially to the capital Vienna is always to sip the aromatic Viennese coffee with pastries.

The fantastic baking skills of the Austrian bakers date back to the era of the Emperor Frederick V who ordered his preferred bread rolls some 500 years ago. Since then, they have become experts in creating unique recipes for breads, cakes and other kinds of pastries. If we say that the bakers from the other European countries stole the secretes of the skills of the Austrian bakers, it might not be wrong. Many pastry names reflect the cultural and political exchanges within the former Austro-Hungarian empire. They are called after aristocratic families, marshalls etc (Esterhazy-Schnitte, Malakoff-Torte, Dobos-Torte ). The Austrian pastries are so much delightful and scrumptious in their taste that one who tastes them once, its impossible for him to forget them forever !

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