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Heaven Lake of China

There is a home of a monster which is located on the Chinese and Korean border which is commonly known as “Heaven Lake”. Don’t be shocked, Lake and Home of a Monster! Yes, we are indeed telling you about a fantastic natural wonder which is actually a crater lake. But why it is called as a Monster home? According to the local’s belief, the Heaven Lake of China is a home to the Lake Tianchi Monster!

Heaven Lake of China

The geologists suggest that the Heaven Lake emerged as a result of a gigantic eruption that occurred in this area, millions of years ago. Heaven Lake is existed on a surface elevation of 2,189.1 m (7,182 ft). In the winter the whole area of Heaven Lake is covered with snow. Heaven Lake is spread over an area of 9.82 km² and the average depth of the lake is 213 m. In the summer, Heaven Lake is a splendid spot which attracts thousands of tourists. The surrounding snow capped Mountains present a marvelous view and the slopes of these gorgeous mountains are also filled with wonderful wild flowers. The fragrant pine and cypress trees add more plus to the natural environment of the area of Heaven Lake of China. There is also a huge glacier which is 100 meters tall and 500 meters wide which lies on the peaks of the Tianshan mountain range, surrounded by ice caves and valleys.

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