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Globe Mallow: A desert beauty

Globe Mallow is a flowering plant of dry and desert climate which has more than 40 species. With some of the special species found in South America, the most of its species grow in the North American region. This flowering plant is commonly known as Globe Mallow. Sometimes it is also called as False Mallow.

Globe Mallow Plant : Photo : Elizabeth Bickel

Globe Mallow, the desert beauty is a grayish herbal plant which normally grows in larger clumps. Maple shaped leaves and erected branches are identical in Globe Mallow and this plant can gain the height of 30 to 40 inches. The best thing associated with Globe Mallow is the marvelous display of unique orange flowers in the rainy season. Globe Mallow is a tough plant which falls in the most drought-resistant member of the Mallow Family (Malvaceae). Globe Mallow is also a favorite source of food for the grazing animals. Botanically, Globe Mallow is known as Sphaeralcea. Normally Globe Mallows are considered as the producers of orange flowers but in some species, Globe Mallows also produce flowers in pink, purple , white and red shades.

Globe Mallow Flowers . Photographer : Marty Abelson

Globe Mallows attract humming birds and butterflies towards them. The ideal way to grow Globe Mallow is to cultivate them in sunny and hot climate. In the shaded places they will grow leggy. Globe Mallow, the desert beauty is a self-seed plant and on the need the seedlings can be moved and transplanted in the fall. Globe Mallow needs lesser attention and care. They don’t require any specific fertilization, neither they need the plenty of irrigation. Although reasonable irrigation may result in superb flowering and appearance of Globe Mallows. In the past, Globe Mallows were used by the Indians for the treatment of diarrhea, sore throats, eye problems and for many skin diseases as well. Their roots are used for the preparation of the herbal medicines for curing the swollen joints and broken bones.

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