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Broad Peak: Bigger beyond the expectations !

We have mentioned in our previous article on Gasherbrum 1 about the gigantic Gasherbrum massif. This massif also contains the 12th highest mountain on Earth which is known as Broad Peak.

Broad Peak- K3

This mountain is also called in the local Balti language as P’alchan Kangri Ri which is the translation of “Broad Peak”. Broad Peak is located almost 8 Kilometers from Mount Goodwin Austin ( K2 ) above the Baltoro Glacier in the Karakoram Range of northwestern Pakistan. This mountain has almost 1 mile long summit ridge, that is why, it is called as “Broad Peak”. Broad Peak has the elevation of 8,051 meters (26,414 ft).

Beautiful sunset on Broad Peak

In the famous mountains survey of 1856, T.G. Montgomerie named it as K3.  The first climb of “Broad Peak” was done in 1957  by a four-person Austrian expedition. Broad Peak is a climber friendly mountain which has very less death rate of the climbers as compared to other eight thousanders. But as we have described earlier that climbing an eight thousander is never an easy task. Like other high mountains , extreme weather conditions, Hypothermia and giant steep rocks are the threatening factors for the climbing of Broad Peak. Broad Peak although requires lesser technicalities, yet it is quite big mountain, which can be bigger beyond the expectations of the mountaineer.

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