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Minar-e-Pakistan: A memorial of the Pakistan Resolution

Minar-e-Pakistan is a monument which keeps tremendous significance in the political history of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. This tall and star shaped monument was constructed to commemorate the Pakistan Resolution of 23rd March , 1940 in Iqbal Park Lahore. This impressive monument is situated in the most attractive area of Lahore which grabs the attention of the most of the visitors of this historic city.

Minar-e-Pakistan reminds us about the Lahore Resolution or Pakistan Resolution (Qarardad-e-Pakistan) which was the first official declaration by the people of this area for demanding a separate homeland. This session and the demonstration was executed on the call of All India Muslim League which was carrying the massive support by the Muslims of Indian Sub Continent. In 1960, after 13 years of the independence, the leaders of Muslim League expressed a desire to build a memorial in this area. The authorities started acting upon this demand and an appeal was made for the donations for its construction before the general public. Minar-e-Pakistan was designed by Nasereddin Murat Khan who was a Turkish architect. On 23rd March, 1960 , the foundation stone was laid by the then Governor of West Pakistan and the construction was started.

Minar e Pakistan ( Image: SM Rafiq )

Minar e Pakistan ( Image: SM Rafiq )

 It took almost eight years for the construction of this fabulous monument. The base of Minar-e-Pakistan is kept about 8 meters above the ground. The tower rises about 62 meters on the base, thus the total height of minaret is about 92 meters above the ground. The beautiful flower shaped bases of the opened petals are 9 meters high and the diameter of Minar-e-Pakistan is about 9.75 m. Minar-e-Pakistan is surrounded by two crescent-shaped pools which are four feet deep and lined with green and red marble. The dome of Minar-e-Pakistan is made up with stainless steel inlaid with fine glass pieces. There are four stages and 162 stairs that lead up to the dome. Whole building is a fantastic blend of Mughal and Modern architecture and the white marble has enhanced the beauty of its structure. For reaching the top the elevator facility is also provided and the visitors can view the amazing panoramic view of the Walled City of Lahore. In the adjacent park, the marble fountains and an artificial lake also increase the beauty of this wonderful tower. The visitors can also read the admirable inscriptions which are engraved on different levels of Minar-e-Pakistan. These include the text about the history of the Pakistan Resolution and Islamic Calligraphic Art.

A night view of Minar-e-Pakistan

As it is described earlier that the whole area around Minar-e-Pakistan, a memorial to the Pakistan Resolution is actually a cluster of many other magnificent historic monuments. The need of the day is to establish a complete buffer zone in the entire area to safeguard the delicate constructions of these monuments. Eco Watch which is a local pressure group, working for the environment and sustainable development has highlighted this issue through their famous complaint before the Environmental Protection Tribunal Punjab. In the detailed judgment of this complaint, the instructions were issued to the local authorities to establish this area as a buffer zone and adopt the suitable measures to prevent the air pollution and other environmental threats. But still no implementation has been made upon the instructions issued by the Tribunal.

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