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Mamaliga : The Golden bread from Moldovan Cuisine

Our today’s dish is from a small and landlocked country of Europe , Moldova which became independent in 1991 after the collapse of Soviet Union. Moldovan cuisine as Moldova shares its borders with Ukraine and Romania has the traditional influence in food with these countries and other European states. A traditional Moldovan porridge which is prepared with yellow maize flour and it is equally famous food in Romania is known as Mamaliga. Mamaliga , the golden bread from Moldovan cuisine has gained immense popularity in present times and it is served in the finest restaurants in Moldova.

Moldovan Mamaliga : The Golden bread of Moldova

You call it a peasant food, a breakfast item, staple food or porridge, Mamaliga is so unique and it is eaten as a substitute of bread. Mamaliga is a nourishing and fiber full food which is prepared with boiled water, salt and cornmeal and it is cooked in a special pan. In some areas Mamaliga is also prepared in various ways and its recipes include the materials like milk, butter, different types of cheese, eggs, sausages (usually fried, grilled or oven-roasted), bacon, mushrooms, ham, fish etc.

Moldovan people love Mamaliga and consider it as a healthy item which contains very less quantity of cholesterol and fats. With the passage of time the indulgence of different new ingredients, Mamaliga, the golden bread from Moldovan cuisine has replaced the frequent use of wheat bread and it has become a common household food item in Moldova.

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