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Dhaulagiri : The hypnotizing beauty

“The hypnotizing and pulchritudinous white mountain.” This is the meaning of the world seventh highest mountain of the world, “ Dhaulagiri ” which has the elevation of 26,794 feet (8,167 meters) and it is located in the beautiful South Asian country, Nepal.

Dhaulagiri “The hypnotizing and pulchritudinous white mountain.”

This beautiful mountain is situated right opposite from Annapurna,  from where Dhaulagiri rises over 7,000 meters above the Kali Gandaki Gorge. Dhaulagiri is a Sanskrit name which is given to this mountain for its amazing and shining beauty. Dhaulagiri is visible from the plains of northern Bihar in clear atmosphere.

Sunrise view on Dhaulagiri from Swanta

In fact Dhaulagiri is a wide range of numerous high peaks in this region and it consists of fifteen Mountain peaks having the elevation of more than seven thousand meters. The whole area of Dhaulagiri, the hypnotizing beauty is an ideal spot for the adventure lovers in the world and the trekking of these wonderful mountains require little technique which ultimately provides immense pleasure to the visitor. The geographic surroundings of the Dhaulagiri Mountains are splendid gifts of nature and especially the trekking of the great Dhaulagiri peak is fantastic and challenging experience. Dhaulagiri’s first ascent was made by an Austrian expedition comprising of Kurt Diemberger, Peter Diener, Albin Schelbert and  Nawang Dorje, Nima Dorje from Nepal on May 13, 1960.

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