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Makalu : The Majestic Mountain

The fifth highest eight-thousander of the world lives with her two sister peaks Kangchungtse, or Makalu II (7,678 m) and Chomo Lonzo (7,804 m) on the border between Nepal and China. This mountain is known as Makalu. This majestic mountain is associated with the Hindu god Shiva and the name is given because of its isolated and gigantic impression. The name Makalu is derived from Sanskrit word Maha-Kala ( extreme black ). In China, Makalu is known with the name of Makaru.

Makalu Summit Sunset From Makalu Base Camp South

20 Km away from the greatest Mount Everest, with its entire horrific influence, Makalu is a pyramid shaped mountain which is considered as one of the tough most Mounts in terms of its trekking routes full of dangerous pitches and sharp ridges.  The trekking routes towards its top are so arduous which make the expeditions almost impossible in winter. Makalu was first ascended on May 15, 1955 by Lionel Terray and Jean Couzy of a French expedition led by Jean Franco. Franco, G. Magnone and Sardar Gyaltsen Norbu the next day, followed by Bouvier, S. Coupe, Leroux and A. Vialatte on the 17th.

Makalu - The Majestic Mountain is the fifth highest in the world.

The surrounding area of Makalu, the majestic Mountain possesses a fantastic environment and it is also famous for the Makalu National Park. This area is also culturally very important for the locals as it has the religious significance. The superb nature of whole of this area fascinates the trekkers a lot and its unique vegetation is also world renowned for its diversity.

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