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Kate Winslet: A fantastic artist

The fantastic artist, Kate Winslet or Kate Elizabeth Winslet started her showbiz career by stage appearances in the United Kingdom. She was born on 5th  October, 1975 in Reading, Berkshire. Kate Winslet belonged to an artist family and she started learning drama at a young age while she was only 11 from Redroofs Theatre School.  Her regular appearance on television was started when she co-starred in a science fiction series which was prepared by BBC for children.  In 1992, Kate Winslet was assigned a role of Juliet Hulme in a British Sitcom “Heavenly Creatures”, directed by Peter Jackson.

Kate Winslet

Kate Winslet grabbed the actual attention in 1995 in the Jane Hudson novel’s film adaptation named as “Sense and sensibility”. Kate Winslet also achieved an Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actress for this film.

Kate and Leo in Revolutionary Road

When Kate Winslet came in front of her viewers in the record-breaking blockbuster of James Cameron, “Titanic”, she became as one of the iconic film stars of Hollywood. Kate Winslet also earned her second Academy Award nomination for Best Actress for this movie. Kate Winslet also earned the fame as an amazing vocalist, when she lent her voice in 2001 to the animated British feature, “A Christmas Carol”, a song from the movie, “What If I”. After this she also became as the lead vocalist and a top ten single in the United Kingdom. After 2000, Kate Winslet was nominated for numerous awards in her many tremendous performances in the films such as Quills (2000) , Iris (2001) , The Sinshine of the Spotless Mind (2004) and Little Children (2006 ). The romantic comedy The Holiday and the animated film Flushed Away (both 2006) were among the biggest commercial successes of her career.

Kate Winslet receiving Academy Award for best Actress

In 2008, Kate Winslet, the fantastic artist won an Academy Award for Best Actress for her performance in The Reader. In the same year , Kate Winslet was awarded with Golden Globe AwardsBest Actress (Drama) for Revolutionary Road and Best Supporting Actress for The Reader.In total , Kate Winsle has earned six Academy Award nominations, seven Golden Globe nominations, and seven BAFTA nominations.

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