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Lake Saiful Muluk : The Jewel of Kaghan Valley

In the north of Pakistan, a heaven lies which is full of exquisite valleys and ultimate places. One of these amazing valleys is the famous Kaghan Valley which is situated in the north east of Mansehra District in the Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa province, Pakistan. The jewel of this splendid valley is the majestic Lake Saiful Muluk which is located at the northern end of Kaghan Valley. The crystal clear waters of this magical lake Saiful Muluk are fed by the fresh glaciers of the Malka Parbat Mountain. The unique thing is the greenish shade of the water of Lake Saful Muluk that occurs due to the lush green tops of surrounding mountains.

Lake Saiful Muluk : The Jewel of Kaghan Valley , Pakistan

Lake Saiful Muluk is one of the top ten highest and renowned lakes in the world and it is also one of the most favorite tourist destinations in Pakistan. Another famous thing about this wonderful lake is the legend associated with it, which is actually a romantic fairy tale called Saiful Muluk, written by one of the famous Sufi saints of this region, whose name was Mian Muhammad Bakhsh, The most beautiful scenic attraction of the Lake Saiful Muluk occurs in full moon lit nights and the locals believe that the fairies come down to Lake Saiful Muluk.

Lake Saiful Muluk : A view in winter

Most of the visitors come to Lake Saiful Muluk from Naran through horses and jeeps while some of the youngsters also love to come on foot which takes almost 3 hours to reach the lake. The whole path is filled with breathtaking and captivating views and a glacier also lies in the path, crossing of which is an amazing experience. Although there are lots of facilities available at Naran but Saiful Muluk Lake is not crowded with restaurants and hotels. This is a better thing in terms of that the freezing and pure waters are free from any kind of pollution or garbage. The boating facility is also provided and the tourists can enjoy the deep and sizzling waters. A path through the gorgeous Malka Parbat also leads towards another amazing wonder known as “Tear Lake” about which we’ll discuss in detail in some other article. Every visitor who comes to Lake Saiful Muluk, the jewel of Kaghan valley gets spellbound by its environment and heavenly beauty.

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