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Mandarin Duck : The magnificent waterfowl

Mandarin Duck, the magnificent waterfowl is considered one of the most beautiful ducks found on the mother earth. The scientific name of Mandarin duck is Aix galericulata and sometimes it is also confused with South American wood duck. This medium sized perching duck belongs to the family Anatidae and falls under the order AnseriformesMale Mandarin Duck is very colorful and beautiful in full plumage. They have vertical stripes over the chest and their breast is Maroon. The underside is white with golden flanks and they have amazing color scheme of blue, green, purple and brown over the back and tail. They have red bill with white legs and yellow feet.

A pair of Mandarin Ducks

The male Mandarin also keeps a wonderful crown extending to a long crest. The female Mandarin Ducks are quite different and they can be grayish and greenish brown in color. They have a grayish facial appearance with black bill and orange feet and legs. The wings of the female Mandarin duck is also alike the male but without the sail feathers.

Male Mandarin Duck

Madarin Ducks originally belong to China but now they have introduced to many parts of the world for breading purposes and they can live easily in the appropriate habitat. In the breeding season the female Mandarin ducks love to breed in the dense and shallow lakes.

The young ducklings as soon as come out of eggs , they follow the mother to the nearby body of water. Mandarin Duck, the magnificent waterfowl is no doubt known as the most magnificently colored of all waterfowls. Although their conservation status is not endangered yet they are considered as the species of special concerns. The population of Mandarin Ducks has a great threat from loggers, hunters ad poachers. Deforestation and logging are the main factors that are contributing in the elimination of their habitats at a rapid rate.

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