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Mohatta Palace: The pride of Karachi

It is a Museum bestowed to the Pakistani arts which has become the center of creative activities and where tremendous collection of the antiquates are also displayed to showcase the marvelous history of the largest city of PakistanMohatta Palace, the pride of Karachi was constructed in 1927 by Shivratan Chandraratan Mohatta who was a renowned entrepreneur from Marwar. The fabulous architecture of Mohatta Palace was built on the traditional pink Rajhastani patterns but it is also a glorious amalgamation with the Mughal architectural art.  Mohatta Palace was designed by Agha Hussain Ahmed who travelled specially to Jaipur and got the inspiration from the Pink city’s constructive style. Mohatta Palace is spread over an area of 18,500 Sq. ft and it is located very near to the Karachi sea shore.

Mohatta Palace of Karachi , Pakistan

Pink stone was imported from Jodhpur India to embellish the beautiful structure of Mohatta Palace. Gizri stone was also used in the construction of Mohatta Palace. The structure comprises of nine domes with a spectacular central dome. The blue colored front opening windows towards the main garden further added the beauty of Mohatta Palace. There are several large rooms that were furnished in brilliant manner. Mohatta Palace was decorated with exquisite floral motifs and fantastic railings. One of the distinguished and the hidden feature of Mohatta Palace is the construction of almost 1 KM underground tunnel which lead to a subterranean Hindu temple. However the entrances from the both sides were blocked afterwards. The “barsati” (terrace) is also a splendid family temple that was dedicated to Hindu God, lord Shiva.

Nowadays Mohatta Palae , the pride of Karachi is under the supervision of the Government of Sindh for its proper conservation and it is also looked after by a Trust headed by the Governor of the Sindh province for its management.

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