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Noor Mahal : The Gem of Bahawalpur

One of the most famous cities of the Southern Punjab in Pakistan is Bahawalpur which is also known as the city of Nawabs. Bahawalpur is stretched along the banks of Satluj and Indus river, due to which this historic city has observed massive civic development over the centuries. It is also the twelfth largest city of Pakistan. One of the prime features of this fabulous city is the palace architecture that were basically  the royal residencies of the local Nawabs before the partition of India.

A splendid view of Noor Palace of Bahawalpur

The most distinguished of them is the Noor Palace or  Noor Mahal, the Gem of Bahawalpur that was built on Italian construction style. Nawab Subah Sadiq the fourth who was well known for his construction passion elevated the fantastic Noor Mahal in 1875. Noor Malahl comprises of an area of 44,600 square feet and it has 32 rooms including 14 in the basement, 6 verandas and 5 domes.

The inside view of Noor Mahal. Image : M. Awais

Noor Mahal is a beautiful combination of the traditional Indian sub continental building style and the Islamic architectural art. Noor Mahal was an adorable architectural hallmark of its times after its construction. The elegance of Noor Mahal was even increased when it was furnished with the delicate European furniture. Noor Mahal the gem of Bahawalpur was taken over by the Auqaf department after the merger of the Bahawalpur state into Pakistan. Today Noor Mahal is under the possession of the Pakistan Army which is also open for general public and it is also declared as a protected monument by the Government of Pakistan’s Department of Archeology.

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