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Draniki: The favorite pancakes of Belarus

Draniki is a fantastic pancake comprising of grated potatoes which is all time favorite dish of the people of Belarus. The people who know Belarus , they are well aware of the fact that the traditional cuisine of Belarus has a preponderant base on the local vegetables and meat. Draniki is one of the cherished food delight of Belarus.

Draniki. The traditional food item of Belarus

Draniki is somehow similar to rofti or latkes but normally they are filled with minced meat and steamed poppy seeds. As far as the recipe is concerned , Draniki contains numerous variations. On the same pattern but with a slight difference many pancakes are cooked in many countries as a favorite food item like in Russia , Poland , Ukraine , Latvia , Austria and Germany etc. But Draniki pancakes have special significance in Belarus as Draniki is the national dish of Belarus.

The peel potatoes are mixed with the minced meat , onions , whipped eggs , flour sour cream and soda and all this stuff is grated in a delicate manner. After this, all of the baked potato mass is fried in a pan with vegetable oil in form of separate pan cakes. The Draniki pancakes are ready to be served with sour cream when they become crispy and brownish. Traditionally, Draniki, the favorites pancakes of Belarus are specially prepared on the eve of the happy new year.

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