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Paris Fashion Week

The fashion designers of the world start the showcasing of their fashion products from New York , then move to London , then Milan and finally they end their charisma in the alluring ambience of Paris. Paris Fashion Week like other four big events is also held twice a year. French Fashion Federation is the main organizer of this Mega show.


Top models of the world fashion industry participate in the most influential fashion week. It lasts for one week full of the events featuring ultimate bewitchment , attraction and ravishment. Like other big fashion weeks , the most delicate display is obviously the catwalks in which the designers and brands prepare their fashion installation in accordance with the nature of their collections. The catwalk shows which last hardly for 10 to 15 minutes , very few of us have idea how much toughness and toil is behind all this.  What’s in ? & What’s out ?  the buyers also keenly observe the trend of the season.

Amazing fabrics display . Paris Fashion Week

Paris Fashion Week is also binary event in which the autumn and winter collections are displayed in the first session and the spring and summer collection in the second session. The main psyche to conduct the fashion event several months before is to give time to the buyers and the media industry to preview the fashion designs for the following season. It also allows the retailers to contact the designers for their incorporation and to make booking for their purchasing. Paris Fashion Week is full of the latest fashion designs in sparkling dresses and suits , amusing photography , breathtaking styles and awesome make up displays.  The presence of the showbiz celebrities from all over the world make Paris Fashion Week more charming and dashing event.

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